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GameSpot’s “All Time Greatest Game Sidekick” – Vote For Alyx Vance And The Companion Cube

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This is GameSpot’s third competition focusing on the greatest video game characters of all time. The first was “All Time Greatest Video Game Hero” back in 2009, and Gordon Freeman actually won that one, after steam-rolling every other hero, including Mario. The second was “All Time Greatest Video Game Villain” back in 2010, and while Dr. Breen and GLaDOS were both among the villains, they both lost, due to some pretty suspicious voting from two of their rivals. But now GameSpot is hosting a third contest – and this time, it focuses on the greatest sidekick of all time.

GameSpot’s “All Time Greatest Game Sidekick” – Vote For Alyx Vance And The Companion Cube

Thus begins “All Time Greatest Game Sidekick“. Who should you vote for? Alyx Vance, who’s currently up against Alex Jacobson, from the original Deus Ex. And the Companion Cube, currently up against the Crow, from Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (Dreamfall may be a delightful game, but the only video game crow I’ll ever vote for against the Companion Cube would have to be either the crow from HL2 or the crow for Portal 2). While the two are winning so far, don’t forget to keep voting for them as the contest continues, because the two might come up against some strong competition.

Round 1 ends tomorrow, so get your vote in as soon as possible. If you have a Facebook account, you can connect it to your vote for a double vote. But I’m not so sure anyone would actually do that. In any case, vote for Alyx and the Companion Cube, and let’s win this thing!


  1. I voted for Garrus :U

  2. 70+% for Alyx, 70+% for CC. Nice!

  3. Oh good, flamewars. ._.

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