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Gabe Does A 40-Minute Video Conference With A High School Marketing Class

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As we all know, Valve is a really awesome company.

Just how awesome? Well, check this out.

Gabe Does A 40-Minute Video Conference With A High School Marketing Class

Just some days ago, Gabe did a video conference with the Sports/Entertainment Marketing Class at Tippecanoe Valley High School.

In the monstrous, 40-minute interview, Gabe talked about his favorite games, stating that his favorite Valve game is Portal 2, and that his favorite game of all time is Super Mario 64.

He also talked about how you shouldn’t put too much stress on employees, or ruin their home life by having them put in crunch time.

“I think the people who work here are having a good time in terms of enjoying their work and not being too stressed out. One thing I’m worried about is the amount of stress that we put on some of the families. When you’re running a business for the long-run, sooner or later that’s gonna bite you. You can’t ruin people’s home lives in order to benefit your business or it blows up in the long run.

“Right now we seem to be a little out of balance in some people’s lives in terms of, we’re not telling them to work on weekends but people are working on the weekends, and we need to figure out how to communicate that.”

“One of the things we do that helps buffer that is we take all of the families on a trip each year, and it gives everybody a chance to connect with other people at the company and feel a part of it, and yell at me, and that’s coming up pretty soon.

“I’m sure I’ll have lots of opportunities to talk to people with their families to get a better handle on how that’s working. Those really are the things that we worry about.”

Wow, that’s really cool!

Next up… believe it or not:

“We just finished Portal 2. It’s pretty much put to bed and we’re just waiting for final approvals and to get the discs manufactured.”

Hot damn.

Now, we’re probably not going to see a reverse delay, but come on. How awesome would that be?

In any case, there’s an abundance of other interesting things in the full video. Remember, it’s 40 minutes long. Clear up your schedule!

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  1. This class is soooo lucky

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