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Firearms: Source Gets Steamy

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While Valve has been busy handing out paper-wrapped, freshly-jiggleboned mackerel,  they also gave Firearms: Source Steamworks, allowing for achievements, stats, and recognition on the Steam store.

Firearms: Source Gets Steamy

The development team has decided to bring some old into the new, meaning that you’ll be seeing the ol’ Sterling and colt revolver awfully soon. The weapons don’t exactly fit the mod’s era, but the team expressed their opinions on being arcade-y over realistic-y. The newest version will be distributed through Steam, but no release date was announced.

Our first article covering them was a while back, and happened to be my first piece for Lambda Generation. Those were the days- back when dirigibles were less crashy and Vic was less yappy.

Original ModDB News Post


  1. YES! love this mod!

    (epic shout from the game)

  3. wonderfull! Its great to see this mod is finaly coming to Steam.

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