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Fans Picket for HL3 Outside of Valve HQ, Are Greeted By Gabe Himself

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I think I’ve devoted numerous lead-ins to how Valve has been consistently driving Half-Life fans nuts since 2007. So, this time, I’ll devote this lead-in to a more productive subject matter. Like… Day of Defeat 2?

Fans Picket for HL3 Outside of Valve HQ, Are Greeted By Gabe Himself

Two fans picketed for HL3 information, outside of Valve HQ in Bellevue, Washington today. This picture was taken by someone who happened to be visiting Valve at that very time. It was then posted on Reddit. Gabe himself actually came down and spoke to the protestors, and even posed for a picture with them, taken by Jason Sussman, of Bungie, also based in Bellevue.

PolyCount chronicled the fierce protest on their Twitter. Let’s check out this tweet:

Crisis averted: Gabe went down to discuss the issues with the protesters and they’re all apparently going off for lunch now.
Quite interesting! What did he say to them? And what did they eat? And most importantly, where? In the future, that restaurant will be a historical landmark. The place where information about Half-Life may have finally been revealed, in the year 2011. Yes, it was a brave stand against… things. I suppose it’s a bit like the Tank Man incident, except no one is at risk of being dragged off by the secret police and executed. Then again, Gabe does have that knife collection, so who knows? They might have kept going after lunch with Gabe, as this picture appears to show them, still picketing after that.

We’re trying to find out more about this, but if you’ve got any extra information, and are willing to share it with us, post it up in the comments, and we’ll add it to the article and credit you! And a big thanks to phillipjfry6, for the original tip!


  1. alquem me diga quando é que hlf3 volta

  2. The complete lack of interest in talking to fans about it is what frustrates me. They don’t seem to have any trouble releasing stuff, is it because they don’t want to be known as “That Half Life company”? Is that why they keep us in the dark about Ep3/HL3? Tbh, I don’t really care about stuff like L4D and TF2, Portal 1/2 is interesting, but frankly, it doesn’t do it for me in the long run.

  3. I think if we go to Washington where VALVE is… and we picket them asking for a Half-Life 2 beta… Do you think they will listen to us? Because if they polished up the beta left everything the same…WE WOULD HAVE AN AWESOME GAME! I love VALVE. They make the best games.

  4. I just lost it.

  5. well, it was nice of gabe to go down and say hello, I think he will tell them that they are working on it for reasurance.

    still, wait to break CEO stereotypes gabe

  6. We need to picket Valve to publish HL1 beta, TF2BoA builds from 98 and 99 and ProSDK.

  7. this is why I love the valve fans. best community in the games industry. 😀

  8. We need to get more picketers over there! GABE GIVE US INFORMATION!

  9. Like a boss.

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