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Factum Solus: Episode Two – Trailer Released

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Factum Solus is an episodic mod for Portal 1. Featuring a large story spanning across all episodes, and some awesome Portal 2-inspired puzzles, it’s easily one of the best Portal mods released thus far.

Episode One was released way back in August, and at last, we’ve got word of Episode Two!

Factum Solus: Episode Two – Trailer Released

… in the form of one badass trailer!

It seems like Episode Two will be worth the wait!

We don’t have word of a release date, but surely it can’t be far off!

In any case, we can’t wait! With this and Blue Portals, we’ll have a ton of stuff to play until April 20th!


  1. Added a new embed of the trailer. Once again, thanks to Jeff for the tip!

  2. Uploader closed youtube account? What? I saw this 2 days ago (didn’t watch it fully, though), I don’t see why he’d have closed his account. 🙁

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