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Experience HL2 And The Episodes With Built-In Head Tracking In FaceOff Paintball V2

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There’s one FPS game feature Half-Life has never utilized: leaning. It could work in a Half-Life game, sure. But leaning game controls rarely work as smoothly as leaning in real life does. If only there was a more practical way to lean inside a video game…

Experience HL2 And The Episodes With Built-In Head Tracking In FaceOff Paintball V2

Oh, there is! Meet Face-Off Paintball! First released back in December of 2010, it allows you to experience the wonders of virtual paintball, with some revolutionary head tracking technology for your in-game leaning! It allows you to compete in international online leaderboards, and even lets you become a part of Torbensko’s research through an in-game feedback system.

Torbensko is no stranger to head tracking tech. Back in 2009, he showed how head tracking could allow a user to control and design facial expressions in Source, completely in real-time! Just think about the modding applications for that one, let alone everything else that could be done using it! He did another video before that, in 2008, showing various gameplay applications of head tracking, again, using Source and HL2.

But just this past June, he did something even better – bringing head tracking to HL2 and the Episodes,and, to you, in Face-Off Paintball V2!

All you need for this is a Source title that includes the Source SDK (though we’re assuming the HL2-Episode sequences require HL2 and/or the Episodes), and a common webcam. If you have both of those, you can start playing right away. Face-Off even allows you to configure all of the controls, so you are free to tinker with the settings as you please. Live in-game leaderboards are still in the mod as well, so you can jump in and start working on a high score right away!

So, be sure to check it out!


  1. I downloaded this, but discovered my old webcam doesn’t work anymore. ;_;

  2. This is seriously fucking epic I can’t wait to try it!

  3. It was pretty good actually, a bit confusing at first.
    The paintball mode is difficult though, since you get killed in one shot or two and you have little time to spot the enemies.

  4. 2 problems I see with this:

    – It shows parts of the viewmodel that are not supposed to;
    – I dont want to see those coloured paintball impacts. I wanna see real bullet marks!

  5. I’ll download and upload a video.
    This looks abously epic.

    Thanks for sharing with us that, Vic!

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