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Eric Ruth To Release “Team Fortress Arcade” On The PC In August

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Eric Ruth, legenday demaker and man behind 2010’s awesome “Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead” (which you should absolutely check out, at the Eric Ruth Games site), is developing a new Valve-themed game: Team Fortress Arcade!

Eric Ruth To Release “Team Fortress Arcade” On The PC In August

In a world-exclusive from Piki Geek (and no, I most certainly did not misspell that as Tiki Geek several times), Team Fortress Arcade was revealed to the world. They spoke to Eric Ruth, who was showing the game off at Baltimore’s Gamescape, as part of their Artscape festival, and even got to play the game!

Team Fortress Arcade is a shoot-em-up game done in the style of the classic 16-bit arcade beat-em-ups of the 1990’s. Players will be able to take the role of all 9 Team Fortress classes, reinvented for this type of gameplay. You’ll be able to play with up to three friends using local co-op, and possibly, online co-op, which Eric plans on implementing. You’ll navigate 9 TF2-inspired stages, as the attackers (BLU team), facing up against some funky RED team robots. At the end of each stage, you’ll fight an actual class character from the RED team. There will of course be a final boss, in the form a Portal tie-in. TF fans who are also Portal fans will be sure to love this little treat.

There will be no playable demo, though Eric says the game will be out by the end of summer, possibly by the end of August. 45% done, the game had three stages on showcase at Gamescape – one stage which took the players through a sidescrolling, naval environment that ended with a boss fight with the RED scout; one a Payload level taking place in the TF2 desert (New Mexico), which mysteriously featured no boss fight, though we’re sure Eric will include one in the final product; and one level taking place on a large elevator in a seaside environment, ending with a boss battle with the RED Pyro.

And the best part? It will be completely free! Here’s Piki Geek’s video interview and gameplay video:

Looks really great! We’re definitely looking forward to playing it by the end of the summer. To hold you over until then, why not play his “Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead” 2010 title?

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