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Episode Three Grabs 2nd Place, Black Mesa Snags 4th At Wired’s 2010 Vaporware Awards

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Wired Magazine’s Vaporware Awards are legendary. Rewarding the best software or hardware that simply went *poof* and was never seen again. They’ve been doing it every year since 1997 (technically, 1996).

Most associate the Vaporware Awards with Duke Nukem Forever, as it has made it on the list almost every single year, topped the list numerous times, and got a “Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2003.

But Valve is no stranger to the Vaporware Awards. Team Fortress 2 has appeared several times, CS: Condition Zero once got a dishonorable mention, and Half-Life 2 topped the list in 2003.

Last year, Black Mesa popped up on 4th place.

Well, it’s that time of the year again, and as you can see…

Episode Three Grabs 2nd Place, Black Mesa Snags 4th At Wired’s 2010 Vaporware Awards

… our beloved Episode Three crashed into the list, second only to the White iPhone 4.

However, this isn’t all fun and games. Let’s check out what Wired wrote. We’ll be taking a look at their description of Half-Life 2 first:

the enormously popular first-person shooter console game

Console game? Oh god, these guys crack me up already.

“Not only has the time between Half Life and Half Life 2 been surpassed, the only information released on Episode 3 is a years-old piece of art,” an anonymous reader writes.

Your reader apparently can’t count properly. The time between HL1 and HL2 was 6 years. Episode Three has barely exceeded 3 years, unless you’re counting from Half-Life 2 onwards, which is pretty slly.

Oh, and we have three pieces of concept art. And some old interviews.  Sure,  it’s not much, but it’s not just a “years-old piece  of art”.

Black Mesa took home 4th place, just as last year.

Surprisingly, Wired mostly did their homework here, except for this:

it’s been almost seven months since any media’s been released.

No,  it’s been less. The Wiki is updated with new media fairly often, and the devs showed us their new decals for the Gluon Cannon last month.

And they also mention that:

Black Mesa has been in development for more than seven years

Alright, seriously, does the staff at Wired have a problem with math? The development time has barely exceeded six years.

Oh, and about the media, if you count the silly fanboys who decided to try to prank everyone by pretending that they had received exclusive near-final builds of the mod, and essentially “released” new media for all of us to behold in the process (some of these fans supposedly had “exclusive” media which they used to do some photoshopped pictures, which they then posted publically for all to see that they were “playing” the mod), then yes, we’ve sort of got some new media, albeit indirectly. Rejoice?

Still, it’s a fun read. Check it out.


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