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Dota 2 Revealed Through Official Gamescom Trailer And Leaked Media

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We’ve been speculating about Dota 2 for nearly an entire year, with only a few leaked changelogs from the private beta to spice up speculation every so often. But at long last, Dota 2 has been revealed to the public, through an official Gamescom trailer straight from Valve, and a number of leaked screenshots and game art pieces.

Dota 2 Revealed Through Official Gamescom Trailer And Leaked Media

Behold! It’s Dota 2.

Pretty impressive! Sure, it’s all pre-rendered in Valve’s fancy programs, but just like TF2, Portal 2 and L4D’s pre-rendered trailers, it really isn’t that far off from how the actual game looks. Sharp-eyed Dota fans should be able to recognize all the heroes! They might look a bit different, but these all appear to be Dota’s original heroes.

Want to download a 1080p version of the trailer and impress all of your Steam friends by being hip and not watching the trailer on YouTube? Just head over to the trailer’s media page on the Steam Store and download it.

That’s the trailer, but what about artwork? We love us some artwork, don’t we? Valve accidentally made some sort of game hub webpage public (it could be accessed at “”, but has since been made private). The page seems to be designed with viewing the upcoming International tournament in mind – we’ve got pages for heroes, items, players, matches, servers, chat, tournaments, and a live stream. The page’s header was the interesting bit – it’s actual Dota 2 art! Artist Kendrick “Kunkka” Lim, whom you might know as the artist behind Dota’s loading screen art, released a wonderful piece of Dota 2 art on the PlayDotA forums, only one day after that. He says it’s fan art, but can we be sure? In any case, Valve News has more here.

But maybe artwork’s not enough for you? Have at you…with leaked screenshots! I’ll be honest and up front with you guys – I tried to find out where the screenshots came from, but it all dissolved into this disorienting labyrinth of Dota fansites and various game forums. I was lost in there for like two hours. 

So I’ll just give you a link to where I actually found these shots – good old Reddit. Check them out; it’s Dota, baby! And it looks pretty great. Valve have managed to make Source so much more vibrant and colorful. I hardly recognized it the first time, so for a brief moment I was like “Shit, is this some unknown RTS and not actually Dota 2?”, but then I recognized the classic heroes in there. So, yeah, it’s Dota 2. And not… “Revenge of the Jungle Monk Tribes: Part 2”, or something. Though Valve should definitely make that game. But only after they make Fart Cops.

And also of interest to anyone looking for more Dota 2 info, GameSpy recently interviewed Valve about the game. They’re not being very talkative about the game, but there is some interesting new information in there.

Don’t forget – Gamescom is nearly upon us! Will you be watching the International? Will you be doing it of your own free will, or will you be forced into it by your significant other? Let us know!


  1. epic! 😀

  2. This game looks great 😀

  3. Gabe Newell himself said they were going to ship DotA 2 at a Press Confrence, Since when has it been “Speculation”?

  4. I am extremely excited.

  5. Hmmm.. I’ve gotta say, That looks.. awesome! 🙂

  6. Amazing.

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