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Dogfight Gameplay and Bots

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Not a lot of mods shy away from Source’s traditional FPS style and mechanics, but occasionally, projects pop up that alter the gameplay completely and ultimately show just how flexible the engine can be. We’ve seem everything from real-time strategy games to zombie apocalypse simulators on the Source engine, but Dogfight may be the first aerial combat game.

Dogfight Gameplay and Bots

Ztormi announced the mod a while back and has been gradually showing off new content. From what we’ve see so far, the maps look excellent and are apparently very easy to make. The mod suffers a bit from obvious texture tiling, but I have a feeling the developer will sort that out eventually (clever scaling effects are already helping).

The developer recently released a video showing off the mod’s bots. Bots! You read that correctly! A multiplayer Source mod with bots! This means that lonely people like me can shoot down some ’50s-era aircraft, and the project won’t go moot post-release due to a dead community. The bots also look well-balanced so far, not posing a huge threat but still acting aggressive.

The mechanics looks solid, but I hope to see more advanced vehicle handling in the future. Even if it aims to be more arcade than simulator, it would be nice to see some evasive maneuvers and things of the like. Well see you next time, we gotta shoot down these pesky planes before they knock our dirigible out of the sky!

Videos & Audio – Dogfight Mod for Half-Life 2 – Mod DB

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