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Dino D-Day Having Free Weekend

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Dino D-Day Having Free Weekend

Dino D-Day, like many others, was once a mod before being a full standalone Source title. Released officially earlier this year, Dino D-Day didn’t garner much attention. But now, coming alongside the T-Rex Update (which should also bring a Dino D-Day SDK) is a free weekend for Dino D-Day, which also brings a 50% sale for the game.

At the moment, there are a good 30 hours left in the event, so you’ve got some time to try the game out, and decide on a possible purchase. We here at LambdaGeneration are great fans of good dinosaur-killing fun, which Dino D-Day most certainly delivers. It’s a great title, featuring some of the most fun I’ve ever had in an FPS. There’s some pretty bad balancing issues, but the game really is a lot of fun. Be sure to try it out.

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  1. Haha what the hell was that? Nazi dinosaurs!?? Awesome!

  2. Anyone thinking this is actually a game is out of their minds….
    I wouldn’t even play it if someone gifted it to me, cause it’s a pile of crap, and I cannot believe Steam accepted to sell a mod for such a high price. HELL! Even Bloody Good Time was better that this POS.

    • Just because you don’t agree with someone does not give you the right to call them “out of their minds”. You’re insulting them, and you are, coincidentally, insulting me.

    • Excuse me, but I actually like this game, and I have an opinion like you. You can have yours, I can have mine, but you can’t call people crazy for it. Your opinion is not every opinion, so it’s not a fact.

      And also, Bloody Good Time was actually fun aswell. You probibly are focusing on the small things that make it seem like your playing a mod. Every source game is a mod, just depends on how much spit shine you put on it. I focus on things like that too, such as reusing Source Stock sounds. But I also focus on the gameplay as itself, and both games bring an interesting game type that hasn’t been done before or is barley ever done, so it’s a fresh type of gameplay.

  3. Seems like they read 4chan.

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