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Day 8 – Half-Life Fanfilm

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Released online back in February of last year…

Day 8 – Half-Life Fanfilm

Day 8 is a graduation short film made by Leo van Haaren and Rick Janssen, with a budget of just $338, filmed over the course of 2 days in Duisburg, Germany. It’s 16 minutes long, and it’s split into two parts.

It’s based on the events of Half-Life, taking place in an alternate universe, where the closure of the Superportal did not stop the remnants of the Combine Overwatch from defeating the Resistance, over the course of just 7 days.

The main characters are Travis and Owen, two rebels who become stranded from their squadron, and lose their supplies.

Now, this is what we’re talking about. Great production values, with lovely cinematography, costumes and CGI. I also enjoyed the storyline, with its intriguing alternate universe take.

The only problems I could think of were that there may have been a bit too much wandering about, and that the acting was a bit wacky at times.

Still, it was amazing, especially for such a low budget, and we’d love to see more in the future from these guys. Day 9, perhaps?


  1. Anyone spotted the Gman yet?;)

  2. This is a really good for a graduation low budget film and has a direct connection with the Half Life storyline.

  3. Those were very good :). Thanks for posting this Vic! Its a shame those videos havent had that many views. They really were great.

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