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CS: Global Offensive Full 16-Map Maplist Revealed Through Beta Files

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Aaaaaaaah, maps. Levels, stages, chapters, missions, whatever you want to call them. Without them, there would be no video games. You know, I used to be a level designer myself, but then I took an arrow in the knee. I’m glad that happened, because I had a fancy bionic knee prosthetic installed, so now, metal detectors go off everywhere I go. That’s surprisingly great, especially with the ladies. Also, I sucked at level design.

But we’re not here to talk about me. Nope, you’re here because the title said we’ve managed to uncover all of CS: Global Offensive’s new maps. All 16 of them. Well, let’s get on with it.

CS: Global Offensive Full 16-Map Maplist Revealed Through Beta Files

CS:GO fansite… CSGO, apparently (naming things can be tricky when the front page of the site shows two different URL’s, but the one big title they’ve got on there isn’t actually one of those two URL’s), has uncovered three separate Global Offensive beta files that point to names for the 16 CS:GO maps. This is the article they wrote up.

First off, they have the beta’s “maplist.txt” file, which is, most likely completely up-to-date, and is not outdated. The maps named in the file are:

  • cs_italy
  • cs_office
  • de_aztec
  • de_dust
  • de_dust2
  • de_inferno
  • de_nuke
  • de_shorttrain
  • ar_baggage
  • ar_shoots
  • de_bank
  • de_lake
  • de_safehouse
  • de_sugarcane
  • de_stmarc
  • de_train
  • training1

As you can see, there’s 8 classic maps, plus one variation of DE_Train known as “Short Train”, which only features one bomb site. There’s two new Demolition maps, DE_SugarCane and DE_StMarc. “Sugar Cane” takes place in a South American sugar mill, and “St. Marc” takes place in a real-life Haitian coastal town troubled by crime and poverty. And there’s two Arsenal Mode maps, AR_Baggage and AR_Shoots. “Baggage” takes place in an airport baggage conveyor handling system somewhere in a German airport. “Shoots” may be named after the plant growth of the same name, and it appears to take place on an illegal drug plantation somewhere in South-East Asia. There’s even a training level, though interestingly, it is labeled “1”, implying that there might be more of these.

But, that’s not all! We’ve got 3, previously unannounced, completely new Demolition maps! DE_Lake, DE_Safehouse and DE_Bank. No idea about “Lake” and “Safehouse”, but “Bank” might be that bank heist map we’ve been hearing some stuff about.

Steam Forum posters also uncovered older references to the maps, dating from way back when Valve was using different names and prefixes for the maps. Check this out:

Particles: Missing ‘particles/maps/cs_italy.pcf’
Particles: Missing ‘particles/maps/cs_office.pcf’
Particles: Missing ‘particles/maps/de_aztec.pcf’
Particles: Missing ‘particles/maps/de_bank.pcf’
Particles: Missing ‘particles/maps/de_house.pcf’
Particles: Missing ‘particles/maps/de_mill.pcf’
Particles: Missing ‘particles/maps/de_nuke.pcf’
Particles: Missing ‘particles/maps/de_shacks.pcf’
Particles: Missing ‘particles/maps/de_train.pcf’
Particles: Missing ‘particles/maps/gg_baggage.pcf’
Particles: Missing ‘particles/maps/gg_vietnam.pcf’

Only 11 maps here. DE_House appears to be an older version of DE_Safehouse. “Bank” is still the same, but it seems that DE_Mill is an older version of DE_SugarCane. DE_Shacks might be an older version of DE_StMarc, and GG_Vietnam might simply be an earlier version of AR_Shoots.

But that’s not all. One of CSGO’s Twitter followers sent this in: a list of materials folders in the CS:GO VPK. As you can see, there’s some really interesting things here. First off, unannounced maps that are not in the two map references we found above. DE_Burger, DE_Embassy, DE_Shacks and one Arsenal Mode map: GG_Tibet. “Burger”, “Embassy” – well, your guess is literally as good as ours. Absolutely no idea. “Tibet” might be an even older version of “Shoots” (and “Vietnam”, respectively).

But there’s also some folders for old maps! “Assault”, “Havana”, “Cobblestone”, “Chateau”, and “Tides” all have their own folders. Could they have been scrapped during CS:GO’s development? “Chateau” is still on the Random Map selection image. I don’t think these are just re-used files from CS:S that they made folders for – I think they were developing these maps at some point in the game’s development.

So, what else is there to say? I think this all sounds pretty cool. Don’t forget to check out CSGO’s orgiinal article on the subject.


  1. I would like it if they’d bring back a really old one… cs_mansion.

  2. no cs_assault? dammit its one of my favourites. D:

  3. I wonder if Garry’s Mod will have CS:GO stuff available to put in

  4. cs_office confirmed! All of my money!

    Shame cs_assault aint one of them!

  5. Where is CS_Assault? XD

  6. Commenter AvatarAlexander the GreatDecember 7th 2011 at 12:22pm

    I’m interested in what the training maps will be, maybe it will help me to actually kill some people!

  7. F*** yeah, cs_office! Best default map in any CS game! At least amongst the hostage maps.

    • Couldn’t agree more. It was so awesome to blast through the corridors!
      It was also one of the few maps where I actually could get some kills with ‘nades.

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