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Cry of Fear Released – GoldSource Modding Horror, Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

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Yesterday was a pretty big day on the horror gaming front, as Frictional Games and thechineseroom announced “Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs”, a sequel to one of the greatest horror games ever created: 2010’s “Amnesia: The Dark Descent”. This is really exciting, and I personally am very much looking forward to playing that when it comes out, in fall of 2012.

But that’s not the only thing that made yesterday an important day on the horror front. No – that day also brought the release of a long-awaited survival horror mod, built on the classic GoldSource engine, now looking a thousand times better, and developed by some of the best HL1 modders out there. What mod is this, you might ask? Well, let’s find out!

Cry of Fear Released – GoldSource Modding Horror, Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Say hello to Cry of Fear. In development since mid-2008, by the very same folks who brought us the terrifying Afraid of Monsters, this thing looks, feels, and sounds absolutely terrific. The graphics are easily among the best we’ve ever seen from the aging HL1 engine, the soundtrack is terrific, and the gameplay brings us some awesome innovations which make for excellent horror gameplay.

I haven’t played it yet myself, but the reactions I’ve heard so far are overwhelmingly positive, and I will almost certainly be playing it later today. I’m still building up my courage to actually start the thing up. It took a lot of that same courage to actually take a look at the release announcement on ModDB.

There are some bugs at the moment, but a patch might be out soon to fix these issues, in particular:

  • Sometimes the textures will look weird and bugged if you’re playing for a long time (2h+) – Solution: Restart the mod
  • Randomly the monsters will be stupid or behave weird if you’re playing for a long time (2h+) – Solution: Restart the mod
  • It may randomly crash due to memory issues if you’re playing for a long time (2h+) – Solution: Restart the mod more frequently 

 These temporary fixes do sound a bit familiar. However, the mod is, of course, in full working condition. You can also check out the mod’s official website, as well as the mod’s forums, for more info. The filesize is pretty big (1.61 GB), but install went pretty fast for me. I’m not sure about the exact installation instructions, but apparently there is an .exe installer which should take care of most of the work for you, and there is a launch shortcut that you’ll need to use to bring up their custom launch program/fancy menu.

What else can I tell you? Check it out, and do watch out – word has it you’ll feel an insatiable urge to close the entire game within the first 10 minutes. Probably while crying. Due to… fear, of course. Your neighbors will also feel an urge to scream as well, but not because of… the fear. No, they most certainly not appreciate the screaming coming from your house… and the cries. Of fear.


  1. Wow wait, really? So Frictional Games and thechineseroom are working together on a new Amensia???
    Oh my GOD, best team ever!
    Now that I think about it, both of them had great poetic dialog and amazing level design.
    Dear Esther had outstanding fantasy graphic that felt straight out of a fairy tale with the great attention to detail.
    Combine those two and you’ll have one heck of a sequel to the best horror game ever, the only one I found that freaked me out.
    One question though, they’ll be using Frictional Game’s engine right?

    This is kinda funny this all happen yesterday, I was playing last night Dead Space 2 which I haven’t in awhile haha.

  2. Guess you need Half Life to play this, right?

  3. Valve never released any HL1 based mods on Steam despite the talks with developers of the most popular mods such as natural selection or svencoop.

  4. Y it’s not on steaaaaaaaaaaam? :/

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