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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive To Feature Gun Game As Official Game Mode Titled “Arsenal Mode”, With 8 Official New Maps

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Gun Game! Despite the rather uninspired name, it’s a lot of fun, isn’t it? It came about in Counter-Strike, but has spread to other games – Day of Defeat, in particular. And, believe it or not, Call of Duty – which is why Black Ops featured it as an official game mode. But it’s still firmly rooted in the Counter-Strike community, and so, it should come as no surprise that Valve is taking advantage of that!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive To Feature Gun Game As Official Game Mode Titled “Arsenal Mode”, With 8 Official New Maps

Valve have announced “the new game modes” for CS:GO. Note the vague description – and here I was, hoping we’d be able to figure out if this is the only new game mode present in Global Offensive. The new game modes are part of the larger Arsenal Mode – they are “Arsenal: Arms Race”, and “Arsenal: Demolition”. We can tell that Arms Race is based directly on Gun Game just from the name alone, but I have no idea what Demolition is – unless it actually is the Demolition game mode, with Arsenal Mode thrown in there for good measure.

Arsenal Mode is based on Gun Game, and, is in fact, being developed by Valve together with the creators of Gun Game, most notably, Michael Barr, who stated that: “We are excited that Valve reached out, and is working with us to ensure Arsenal Mode is the best version of Gun Game”.

Pretty exciting news! But I still want VIP Assassination. I can do without Escape, yes, I can do without it. But we must have Assassination, and we must have it now. And I don’t want Valve to do the same stuff they did for TF’s Hunted mode! It ain’t no escort mission if you’re just pushing a cart, because then, it’s the cart that’s escorting you.

But enough of that! Valve has also shared some shiny new media with us. Looks pretty great, but the game still needs a lot of polish. So don’t be too hard on it – it’s got a long way to go yet!

Looking good! And we’ve got some new maps, by the looks of it! Not too bad, not too bad at all – I’m starting to get a bit excited about GO!


  1. Are the pictures/videos from the console-version ( PS3/Xbox360) or from the PC version ?

  2. Damnnnnn, the graphic actually looks impressive!!
    The Source engine never seems to let me down

  3. They better include the Swedish terrorist guy! you know, the guy in white 😉

  4. Sold! This is the announcement I’ve been waiting for.

  5. looks like a major graphics leap since the pax thing

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