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Buy Rift, Get TF2 Items

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Rift is some… some fantasy MMO. It’s also full-price.

Ordinarily, us fancy Valve fans might not even look its way, except this time, some of us will.

To be precise, the crazier ones.

Buy Rift, Get TF2 Items

As usual, buy game, get items. This time it’s the “Sharpened Volcano Fragment” for the Pyro, and the “Sun-on-a-Stick” for the Scout.

Strangely, this time, the two weapons will become available for crafting some time after this promotional offer ends. However, all Rift promo items obtained by buying Rift will have “Genuine Quality”, which means they’ll have Genuine in front of their name and they’ll have a black font.

Stay classy.

Oh, what do they look like, you ask?

Stay classy, Pyro and Scout.

As another first for TF2 promo items, these things have their own stats. The Volcano Fragment will set an enemy on fire on hit, but does -20% damage. The Sun-on-a-Stick does +35% damage… but does -45% on non-burning enemies.


Oh, and this promotion will also get you an item in Rift: the “Well-Spun Hat”.

Apparently you need to do some complex s**t to obtain it that involves keycodes and achievements, and, presumably, 256-bit bank cyphers and a psychotic monkey.

Oh, sorry. Pinky just threw a large piece of paper at my face that explains this quite nicely. Apparently, you can get this keycode (an actual in-game tool item) by doing some achievement in TF2… and you don’t need Rift to do it, which means if you don’t have Rift, you can give this code to anyone, and they’ll get the hat.

Which means Rift fans will need TF2. Or friends with TF2.

So, will you be buying this? Will you be crafting for the items? Trading? Not caring? Let us know, because we care. About what you think.

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  1. It just doesn’t stop D:


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