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Blue Portals Release Date Announced

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Blue Portals is an ambitious Portal mod, the main feature being, as the title suggests, you can only use your blue portals.

However, Blue Portals features a TON of new testing elements.

Its release date has finally been announced!

Blue Portals Release Date Announced

In a news post recently posted up on their ModDB page, the Blue Portals team have announced the release date of the mod: November 30th, and they’ve also posted a release trailer.

In development since June 2008, Blue Portals contains 10 brand new test chambers, as well as some bonus maps.

There’s been something of a drought when it comes to Portal mods recently, but Blue Portals looks like it’ll stop that and keep you playing up until Portal 2 arrives.

We’d also like to thank David for the tip!


  1. Looks good, but I think I’m more excited about Factum Solus: Ep2.
    Have you guys done a story on Factum Solus yet?

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