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Black Mesa Source’s Soundtrack Has “Gone Gold” [Updated – Website Redesign]

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Uh… yes, actually.

Black Mesa Source’s Soundtrack Has “Gone Gold” [Updated – Website Redesign]

Joel Nielsen, composer and sound designer for Black Mesa, recently tweeted that the Black Mesa soundtrack has gone gold. Yes, gold. As in it’s finished.

Now, since going gold means that the final version has been shipped off to the dev team, and thus will not be changed, we can assume that the mod isn’t that far from release.

Lead level designer Raminator stated that the soundtrack will be released publically a mere two weeks before the official release of the mod itself.

This is some pretty cool news.

Lead choreographer David Keyworth, also known as Katana314, also posted a new video talking about BM’s choreography. There is a tiny, tiny bit of game footage in there, which looks pretty good, but most of it is footage from the Source SDK. You can find it here.

For whatever reason, Raminator also said… this about the Japanese crisis. Uh… that’s pretty weird, but… yeah, that’s f***ed up. We knew the BMS forum was a hellhole, but wow. The thread in question has since been deleted, because… well, take a guess as to why.

In any case, we’re looking forward to seeing the mod, as well as its soundtrack. You can find some very early samples of the soundtrack on Joel’s website. Keep in mind that these do not really represent the final soundtrack.


Oh, snap. BM’s site has been redesigned! Strange, because Hubicorn, BM’s webmaster once said the day the website is redesigned will be the day the mod is released. But I’m sure we haven’t missed anything, and the mod is still out there. Somewhere.

Part of the background is now randomized, showing brand new media, which looks pretty great. We even spotted the G-Man, and it’s great to see they’ve finally gotten rid of that Black Mesa logo briefcase. Even the gaming press quotes have been randomized.

For a while on Friday and Saturday, the forums were renamed to “Friday, Friday, Friday Forums”, and forum users’ avatars were changed to pictures of Rebecca Black.

This also popped up on the site, in the top-left corner of the homepage. We’ll go ahead and assume their webmaster knows his shit, and this is entirely intentional. In case you’re interested, this is what we found after looking for “bmesa”.

It’s cool to see some activity. Let’s hope the soundtrack is released soon.


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  2. Commenter AvatarSomeone from Somewhere isn't it?March 26th 2011 at 12:04am

    For me it seems that it’s going to be released in May 2011… really.

    Because it said in the page homepage_landing_5_2011

  3. Excellent news! And the soundtrack rocks!!!

  4. It’s been almost 3 days and no news to read whatsoever!
    I’ve been bored at school lately heheh =D

  5. So does it mean tha we can see soundtrack in like 3q 2013 ? =D

  6. Took a look at the source files for, the button doesn’t actually do anything, it’s just for show. I hope for some updates soon.

  7. Stupid… stupid mod.

  8. About Raminator’s post, I gotta admit, I kinda agree with it… Like come on, it’s not like I live there….I got other things to worry about. And hell, this crap is happening all over the world every second anyways! Why would Japan receive “special” treatment over i don’t know.. Africa, or Iraq, etc, etc…
    Get over it people

    • I don’t think africa has nuclear powerplants actually, although i can’t confirm this.
      However, i do agree with Raminator. People should just be glad it didn’t happen where they live.
      9/11 didn’t bother me either, but perhaps i’m just… emotionless, or… a man ?

  9. God i love a good soundtrack, and by the sounds of it, the Black Mesa soundtrack is gona be a winner!

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