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Black Mesa Source Team Releases Preview Build To Atomic PC; Somehow, Leaking Numerous Images

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As the great Gold Tooth once said in the modern thriller masterpiece “Predator 2”: s**t happens.

Black Mesa Source Team Releases Preview Build To Atomic PC; Somehow, Leaking Numerous Images

Atomic PC, a gaming site, we’ve quite frankly, never heard of, has got one hell of a scoop: a preview copy of Black Mesa Source itself.

Apparently, one of the texture artists is Atomic PC’s comment troll, Orcone.

I don’t know what a texture artist is doing trolling people, but hey, it’s been a waaaacky day for me. Seriously.

Anyways, Orcone decided to give Atomic PC a preview build! Boy oh boy, are they lucky.

And apparently, they love it! Xen’s totally unfinished, though.

The preview gives us a few small details, but not anything too special.

Of course, there is always a catch.

The Atomic PC folks also posted a huge gallery of images straight from the mod, after being given permission by this texture artist, who apparently did not consult the team on that issue OR giving them the build in the first place. At least that’s what ONE developer said before Raminator, lead level designer, made a pretty official statement:

Orcone asked Carlos if he could take a build of the mod to Atomic, to see if they’d be interested in writing an article about it and hosting a LAN event for it when it was released. He told Carlos that he’d be taking his own computer, that they’d only play the beginning, that the build would be secure and they wouldn’t be taking any screenshots or videos, and that I’d be accompanying him.

I can’t say for certain what he told the guys at Atomic, but for whatever reason, it obviously wasn’t the same as what he told us. I don’t think any of the criteria he outlined were met. They were obviously under the impression that Orcone was acting with the team’s authority, but to their credit they took down the screenshots as soon as I emailed them. They’ve been really understanding and we don’t bear them any ill will.

The images were then taken down.

We will not redistribute these images out of respect for the developers’ wishes, but let us say: it looks f***ing stunning.

That is all.



  2. Ok I just have to say this because the aliens and predators movies are some of my favorite movies of all time, it was NOT Danny Glover who said “shit happens”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Its stunning, is a shame about the HUD I want those skinny numbers back :'(. they seem to have so much respect about the original HL1 that they have lowered the detail of things like doors, ligths, and the props number to feel like the ol’ hl1, I agree that it looks too much bright(like hl1) but i assume that is coz’ of those maps are the predisater chapter, and then in the more downtowned zones they will be more dark and scary.

  4. You guys probably haven’t heard of Atomic because it’s an Australian PC gaming magazine.

  5. Stunning? It looks bland and boring. All the maps got a fullbright feeling to them, and alot of them images look like they were taken in GoldSrc.


    • Fullbright? You do realize it’s set in a research facility, right? Not a cave? And I don’t see where it looks like GoldSrc.

      Keep in mind this is an older build.

      Uh… nice thread.

      • Thread, post 30, 2nd quote:
        “these ARE alpha shots, taken of areas not yet finished to beta standards”
        “instead they got access to the current alpha build”
        Wait what,
        Current alpha build that is not yet finished to beta standards?
        This just got me wondering:
        BMS 2010?

  6. Mwhahahaha! Only I may see them!

  7. D: BMS Screenshots? I want to see!

  8. Oh this is great! What fantastic news.

  9. Great news again Vic.

  10. Hell yeah it looks stunning.

    That you Kleiner model and the trippy HUD are awesome!

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