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Beyond Black Mesa: Recovering from Sidewalk

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Back in September… wait, September was one week ago? Interesting.

Beyond Black Mesa: Recovering from Sidewalk

Yes, on September 25th, Beyond Black Mesa was shown at the Carver Theatre, as part of the Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham, Alabama.

We haven’t watched the film, since we’re mostly halfway across the goddamn planet (though Dom and Pinky could simply fly, as in the Superman flying, since they’re pretty awesome), and no, we haven’t succumbed to our temptations to get on some torrent site and dig into a low-res version filmed by some guy with his cell phone who left his HDR settings on, so you can’t see half the f***ing movie.

I don’t have time for torrents anyway, I’m a very busy man.

But you’re probably wondering, what are the BBM folks doing now?

They put it best:

Here’s what’s on the Radar:

* We are in the process of submitting to a few more film festivals and we will update you with the details so you can see the film if it’s showing near you.

* A full trailer of awesomeness should be released in the next month. Get excited!

* I was recently informed that BBM was featured in the UK PCgamer magazine.Very cool, if anyone has seen it please send me a photo of the spread, please!

Well, that’s great.

Matthew Hall, producer, actor, writer and camera operator for BBM did let us know that they are planning to release it online… sometime within the next six months. Whoowee. That is a long time.

Still, we’re willing to wait if it means a shot at seeing this badass film.

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  1. Best i have ever seen keep up the GOOD WORK

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