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Beyond Black Mesa is Out

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At long last, this much-anticipated short film has been released.

Beyond Black Mesa is Out

I think it goes without saying, but this is really, really awesome.

My only criticisms were the length and the story. I was expecting it to be a bit longer. I thought that with the plotline they had, they could have done much more than 12 minutes. I also would have wanted to see more background on how and why Shephard returned to Earth.

And when exactly this takes place? During the Portal Storms? During the Seven Hour War? After the Seven Hour War? I also found it a bit odd that they actually gave an Overwatch Soldier a short sword.

Otherwise, this was quite great, and I would love to see more. Sadly, Infectious Design is moving to new things after Beyond Black Mesa.

It’s a shame, but at least we got the movie out of it.

Now, where’s Escape from City 17?


  1. If Daniel Ilabaca liked it, it must be good.

  2. He said it took place 5 years after the Black Mesa incident, which probably puts it 5 years after the 7 hour war, since as far as anyone knows the 7 Hour War took place very shortly after the BMI.

    • Then why would they need to alert the Resistance of a Combine assault, an “impending invasion”? Why the strange sky? Why the large pillars of smoke? The overwhelming sounds of distant warfare?

  3. Escape from City 17 to me was way better than this.. This just dont feel like HL, the only HLish are the enviroment, then its all a Sci Fi Japanesse Film.

  4. That was great, It fits the Half-Life story pretty well too, except that the zombies are very reminding of Left 4 Dead ones.

  5. At first I got all uber excited cause I miss read the title as “Black Mesa Source is out”

  6. Having no headcrabs is understandable, but the sword, ninja fighting, holo watch, and odd acting soldiers just made it not feel like Half Life. They’re really good at special effects, but I have to say Escape from City 17 and Lambda get the Half life 2 feel down.

  7. Awesomeness.

  8. Very entertaining!


    • Yes, it was a shame. The filmmakers said it was either “crappy headcrabs” or “no headcrabs”. Still, the zombies were nice, even though they were rather “run-of-the-mill”.

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