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Alien Swarm: New Update!

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Proving once and for all that Valve supports all of their products, this Alien Swarm update adds a pinch of life to the short-lived game.

For all the changes, JUUUUUMP.

Alien Swarm: New Update!

The first, and probably the most important update is the new Onslaught mode. We’ll let Valve describe this one:

With that in mind, we’ve added “Onslaught” mode, which introduces an AI Director that dynamically generates swarms of aliens based on several factors, such as the squad’s stress level. Onslaught works with any difficulty setting and ensures no mission plays the same way twice.

Mmhmm. Excellent. Now we can all DIE.

Just in case Insane wasn’t bad enough, with or without Onslaught, have at thee:

Speaking of difficulty, we’ve also added a “Brutal” difficulty level for those of you who told us “Insane” wasn’t insane enough. How brutal is Brutal? Nobody on the Alien Swarm team has managed to complete a mission on it.
If for some crazy reason Brutal is still too easy for you, there’s now a “Hardcore Friendly Fire” toggle. When enabled, friendly fire deals full damage immediately, flamethrowers set teammates on fire much faster, and turrets will hurt you if get caught in their crossfire. HCFF truly tests your team’s ability to work as a elite squad. Coordinating movement and firing lines become an even more integral part of the game.

Oh sweet Jesus. We are so screwed.

Whoa. Wait. No. NO. BAD VALVE. BAAAA-

Finally, to reward the most dedicated players, we’ve added 3 new IAF Promotion Ranks: Platinum Star, Osmium Star, and the coveted Iridium Medallion.


Great. More Prestige Ranks. Time to grind the hell out of this game. Thanks, Valve.

Overall, a great update, that adds some more life to the game.

Hopefully new campaigns are next.


  1. Haha I love free updates.

  2. Sweet Jesus. Well lads i’m off to play a game. You can guess which one!

  3. I’m glad to see they are taking their free games just as serious as their others.

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