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Adult Swim And Valve Are Teaming Up For Something Team Fortress-Related [UPDATED]

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Adult Swim And Valve Are Teaming Up For Something Team Fortress-Related [UPDATED]

[UPDATE: According to Jason DeMarco, Adult Swim’s Vice-President of Marketing, there is no new Adult Swim series on the way, which means that this Valve project must be something else entirely.]

Adult Swim is a U.S. television network oriented towards, as you can tell, adult audiences, ages 18 to 34. Broadcasting a huge assortment of live-action and animated shows, most of them experimental, transgressive and alternative in nature. It’s a pretty cool network, believe it or not – it scared Boston into submission 5 years ago, and single-handedly brought Toonami back from the grave.

Which is what makes it so surprising that they have literally just announced that they are teaming up with Valve for: “something that you’ll probably enjoy, due to be revealed some time next week. No further details are given, but the page shows the Team Fortress 2 team roster, and all of the announcement’s hashtags clearly refence Team Fortress, implying that whatever this thing is all about, it’s got something to do with TF2.

Adult Swim also says that you’ll want to register for their newsletter, adding: “you’ve been warned“. The registration webpage shows a fairly generic picture of the Pyro, saying “We’re your new family now.”. When inspected, the picture’s description is revealed to say: “Uncle Colonel Soggington and Jasper“, which is, as far as I can tell, some sort of overly convoluted Adult Swim injoke, although I honestly can’t tell how that relates to this Valve project.

With the reveal of the TF2 mystery event nearly upon us, who knows what this could possibly mean. One thing’s for sure – Valve and Adult Swim have got my utmost attention. We’ll let you know as soon as anything new and interesting occurs. But if I were a betting man, I’d be betting on the possibility of some sort of Team Fortress TV series, online or otherwise.

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  1. Commenter Avatartyler james trentJune 25th 2012 at 11:02am

    meet the pyro in robot chicken… LOL. btw think the pyros 1st middle or last name is jasper… ISNT THIS OBVIOS TO ANYONE BUT ME?

    • I doubt that the identity of Pyro will be revealed, mainly because the mystery IS his personality, after all. So the name won’t be revealed either.

  2. Well, it would probably be “Meet the Pyro” just being shown on TV, if anything. During an interview regarding Portal 2 earlier this year, they said it (Meet the Pyro) was already finished.

  3. Meet The Pyro with Adult Swim? I sure hope so. YOU HEARD IT FIRST HERE PEOPLE!

  4. I instantly thought TF2 TV series. The thought of that puts a massive smile on my face!

  5. Hot beans!

  6. A mini-series would be totally awesome.

  7. Oh. My. God. What… What is happening? I can’t… No, my brain!…

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