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A Call For Communication’s “Mosaic for Valve”

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The Call For Communication movement’s “A Red Letter Day” event was a pretty significant success. Getting over 13,000 fans playing Half-Life 2 almost 8 years after its release in the hope that Valve will notice is no easy task. But now they’re moving on to bigger things – with a pretty big, ingenious and impressive event that Valve will notice. Because it’s something we’re going to hand over to them, as a part of Half-Life history.

A Call For Communication’s “Mosaic for Valve”

This time, the CfC’s organizers are calling on all Half-Life fans to create an image or take a photograph of anything Half-Life related, although obviously with a personal touch, “showing how much you love and miss the Half-Life series”. Consider using the group’s icon – their G-Man cutout, somewhere within your image. The deadline for image submissions is the 1st of June, at 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time (consider checking out the deadline Steam group event to see the correct time in your region). Of course, there’s some rules to this, which you’ll find on a very informative About/FAQ page, so check that out as well.

Once the deadline has been reached, each and every image (that will be combined to form a mosaic of this iconic Half-Life image. It will be uploaded to the Net, and it will also be printed on a large, high-quality canvas. The resulting one-of-a-kind lithograph will be given to Valve as a gift some time in August, ensuring there’s no possible way they can pretend to have not seen it. Okay – jokes aside, this is a pretty awesome thing they’ve got here. I think I’ll be contributing as well, though I’ll have to think something really cool up. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product, as well as possibly being there when it’s handed over.

Remember, keep an eye on the CfC’s official site, and their Steam Group for more word on the mosaic event.


  1. Valve has stated that they do indeed feel that way.

  2. Commenter AvatarTyler James TrentMarch 16th 2012 at 4:07am

    I think that the pictures should cordinate what there on like the crows, thats gman, the HEV anythin orange, alex is made pf well alex, fill in rest of canvas with random VaLVe pictures, and the lambda symbol on gordans chest just stay the same. that would be beautiful touching and meaning full. finally no random garys mod pictures of derp face or flying appendages. finally matt if your reading this take your time with Half-life 3. it MUST be up to par with fan expectations. this message board is now closed because VaLVe is EPIC. I ‹3 you VaLVe…

  3. The red letter day was totally botched. If you cant even get rps to do a story about it on the day it happens you fail. Plenty of people would have done it if they only knew about it. Also why was it only a one time thing? Do it every week.
    this idea is cute, but what is with the june deadline? why so long?? and august for the tarp? We will probably hear something about it by then anyway, since e3 is early this year.
    What really needs to be done is a kickstarter project to bribe valve for info. $5 contribution gets your name on a bribe letter to valve asking for info on hl3. All proceeds go to gabes charity of choice or penny arcade. This will get more money and attention then that dolt from doublefine and his adventure game.

  4. I am in

  5. 🙂 This is a heart-felt way to get Valve to respond. I concur with Alex, though, Valve employees probably feel horrible whenever they can’t say anything.

  6. I didn’t know when Red Letter day was, I honestly thought it was the weekend after. But I’ll grab a camera for this!
    (Lambdas are gonna be EVERYWHERE!) XD

    • Commenter AvatarTyler James TrentMarch 16th 2012 at 4:14am

      try sticking with just 1 single lambda but photo shop it so the failed experiment at the begining of HL1 can be slightly seen in the backround. you know big thing you push cart into then shoots lasers everywhere. it would give it a sense of mystery.

  7. I’m sure this time it will really show’m!

  8. Where can I download the Call For Communication mod?

  9. Fans: “GIVE US HL3”
    Valve: *burnout*

  10. Me too. I just hope that people will actually get in on this. After all, The Red Letter Day event could have gone better. I’d like to see a little more dedication from the community.

  11. I’m feeling very sorry for Valve. With all the hype that’s been going around, Valve don’t have much of a chance to satisfy the fans.

    I’m going to just ignore it and wait for Valve to tell us.

  12. I gathered up all my HL2 stuff and snapped a pic of it with the G- Man cutout. Can’t wait to see how this comes out!

  13. I’m defiantly joining on this.

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