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7 Years On, A Half-Life Modding Classic Is Finally Getting A Sequel: “Time’s End”

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Way back in June of 2005, a mere 7 months after the long-awaited release of Half-Life 2, Daniel Squire released his first ever mod: Life’s End, a 35-map Half-Life 1 modification (more of a mappack episode than a total conversion, though), in which the player took on the role of Luther Johnson, your average Black Mesa scientist caught in the middle of the Black Mesa Incident, who happens to stumble onto a Mark IV HEV suit (and if you took HL1 mods’ word for it, HEV suits are just about the easiest thing to find in Black Mesa) and thus becomes a part of the subsequent inter-dimensional conflict.

Nearly a decade later, it’s become a cult classic of Half-Life 1 modding, having garnered an aggregate rating of 4.77 out of 5 on PlanetPhillip. A sequel titled Time’s End (picking up where Life’s End left off, but with a brand new janitor protagonist) has been in the works for at least 3 years, but development has been fairly quiet, and the project has undergone a couple of delays. But now, it seems like it’s coming together very well for its upcoming release, early next year. Check out the trailer, after the jump!

7 Years On, A Half-Life Modding Classic Is Finally Getting A Sequel: “Time’s End”

This is the first trailer for Time’s End, just released yesterday. It features gameplay taken from several of the mod’s various settings, including wartorn Black Mesa; the White Forest missile base; and what looks to be the Aperture Science Enrichment Center – how intriguing! In any case, do keep in mind that everything you see qualifies as Work In Progress, and much will change before the mod is released in early 2013. Well then, let’s take a look, shall we?

I have to say: this looks pretty promising. Even the parts set in the Half-Life 2 time period still hold on to that classic Half-Life 1 art direction, and I think that’s quite admirable. Sure, it might not be much of a looker, especially since the just-released Black Mesa: Source has probably made it a lot harder for us to properly look at HL1’s Black Mesa – but I’m sure Time’s End will be an excellent mod, regardless of what it might look like! Besides, the level design looks unique, quirky, and very well-made, so it’ll definitely be very interesting to look at.

I am definitely looking forward to playing it, and I’m really glad to see the GoldSource modding sphere remains alive and well, even to this day!


  1. Wow, that looks fantastic! Can we expect a Let’s Play or not?

    • I will share my thoughts with you guys (but as has been the case with mod reviews, it’ll be within the mod’s release article), as always, but I don’t think I’d be able to perform a full Let’s Play series.

  2. What is name of the stairs in the picture??

  3. How have I never heard of Life’s End? Downloading and playing immediately.

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