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Dota 2 introduces the Three Spirit update, and the return of Diretide

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“Please, sir, I want some more.”

Valve was a big, healthy company; not usually easily astonished. But now they turned pale, and quiet. They gazed upon the little boy who had dared to ask for more.

“What” Valve whispered in complete astonishment.

“Please sir, I want some more Diretide…”

Dota 2 introduces the Three Spirit update, and the return of Diretide

Earlier this month, Valve made a blog post talking about how unexpected the backlash was when they didn’t update Dota 2 to add Diretide, Dota’s Halloween gamemode from last year. They explained that they couldn’t spare time to make Diretide work with the current revision of Dota, as they were already busy with a big update for the game.
This update, now known as the Three Spirits update, introduces two new heroes, a coaching mode for experienced players to teach new players, item crafting, socketing and, well, Diretide!

First off, the big addition to the update is two new heroes, Kaolin the Earth Spirit and Xin the Ember Spirit, both of which origins from the same elemental home as Storm Spirit.

Crafting is also introduced, allowing you to collect recipes of two types – The Polymorph Recipe, which allows you to transform several cosmetic items of the same quality into a new item, useful for those who are stuck with a sheer amount of duplicates or has money to spare for the Steam Market.
And the Augment Recipe, that allows you to combine two of the same item to create a single item with a higher quality than the two duplicates!

Also, do you feel like your armor needs that extra “oomph”? Introducing socketing, it allows you to attach up to five gems to your weapon, armor, or courier to alter its animations, color, and effects! You can also add an Autograph Rune which contains the signature of your favourite team!

A new replay feature, Showcase View, has been added, allowing you to change the camera angle to view any hero, creep or brave courier as you desire. Man, Juggernaut, didn’t know you’ve been working out!

And last, but not least, Diretide has been added to the game! I can already hear Roshan cruising through the Top Lane with his Volvo looking to get candy from you.

You can read more at the official update page, along with a complete changelog.


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  1. Well Storm spirit was on a diet 😀 this updateis awesome totally worth the wait

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