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Voting Goes Live For Team Fortress 2’s Second Annual Saxxy Awards!

Multimedia & Film Team Fortress

The only time voting has ever been exciting, terrifying, and completely nerve-wracking, (all at the same time) in the history of humankind… was probably when Valve had us shooting the hell out of each other like never before, then patiently re-editing the footage into a cinema masterpiece (also like never before), all in the name of attaining a foot-high Australium bust of Saxton Hale. Evidently, I’m referring to TF2’s First Annual Saxxy Awards, which took place in May of 2011.

Well, I hope you’ve been keeping your voting finger in good shape, for it’s all going to come rushing back very soon. And by “very soon“, I mean “literally right now“.

Voting Goes Live For Team Fortress 2’s Second Annual Saxxy Awards!

Yes, voting is now live for the Second Annual Saxxy Awards, lasting from today, until midnight UTC on the 27th of November. That’s a solid 10 days for us to vote the hell out of everything in sight; but what is that I hear you ask? “Well, where are we supposed to vote?“, you say? Well, allow me to explain.

Valve has created a special Saxxy Awards page on the Steam Community, where you’ll be able to view and vote on every single video entered in this year’s Saxxy Awards. Though the default browsing system initially presents you with a limited queue featuring only 12 videos at a time (à la Steam Greenlight), you can generate new queues, and even filter by category so that the queues generated only contain the video genres you are interested in (so if you can’t stand music videos, this is going to be your lucky day).

You can also take a look at the Saxxy entries that your Steam Friends have favorited if you’re up for some less segregated browsing. Don’t forget to also keep an eye on video submissions that break the Saxxy Awards’ rules. If it’s over 5 minutes in length, or using any kind of copyrighted material, then you might want to go ahead and report it right from the submission page.

Once the 27th rolls around, Valve will look at all the Saxxy videos with the most community votes, and review them. The winners will be revealed 3 days afterwards, on the 30th of November, with the exception of a single genre: “Best Overall“. There, the winner will only be revealed a week later, during GameTrailers TV’s Spike Video Game Awards pre-show, on the 7th of December.

As usual, all winners will receive in-game Saxxy award weapons for use in Team Fortress 2, but again: only the winner of the “Best Overall” category will be featured live on the VGA pre-show. They will also be flown out to Valve HQ in Bellevue, for a filmmaking session with Valve’s SFM team. I wouldn’t be surprised if they even get a job!

In any case, that’s about it on the Saxxy front. Consider checking out the official blog post for more info; the official 2012 Saxxy Awards webpage; and, of course, the Saxxy Awards’ Community hub. But don’t forget to get voting!


  1. Talking about vote…what about the mini poll?

    • Alex has been cranking away at the big site update a lot more lately, and as a part of that, he’s been working on a new poll system independent of what we’re currently using. That’s why we haven’t updated it for… well, quite some time, to say the least.
      Keep in mind that he’s handling all the web stuff – all I do is the writing!

  2. I preferred the system from last year where they picked the finalists. Much easier on our part.

  3. So what are the best videos so far? I’ve seen some pretty good ones.

  4. I had an error logging in to Steam; I’ll try again. Excited! Hopefully not many terrible ones will show up.

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