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Valve’s Economist Is Now The Financial Minister of Greece


Anyone remember that economist Valve hired back in 2012?

Yanis Varoufakis was always a big name in international economics, with a number of successful books and a popular blog on the subject, but he first appeared under the gaming communities’ radar when he became Valve’s own economist-in-residence, acting as a private consultant for the company.

Well, Varoufakis was recently elected the new Financial Minister of Greece.

Smissmas 2014 Comes to TF2

Team Fortress

Valve’s annual Christmas celebration has arrived, and it’s bringing some amazing content for almost every faction of the TF2 community. Those who wished for new gameplay content can enjoy three new weapons and a new game mode that uses two revamped versions of old maps. Those who wished for cosmetics will love the new festive weapons and 29 new wearables, not to mention the return of last year’s Stuffed Stocking and the addition of Australium weapons into the drop system of pre-Two Cities Mann Up tours.

Half-Life RTS Lambda Wars Hits Steam


So far, the adventures of Gordon Freeman have always been told from a first-person perspective (and should probably stay that way). But the Half-Life universe is full of opportunities, and who could pass on the chance of taking a bird’s eye view to command an army of resistance fighters or order a barrage of headcrab shells? Lambda Wars is a real time strategy game that makes all this possible.

End of the Line is Here!

Team Fortress

End of the Line is the second fully community-created update for Team Fortress 2. Helmed by James McVee, one of the pre-eminent Source Filmmaker directors, this update comes with new cosmetics, a key to unlock those EotL crates that have been dropping for some time, a mysterious duck birdemic, and the 14-minute eponymous video!

Sadly, it does not come with cp_snowplow; the map was cut at the last minute because Valve thought it was too confusing for new players. But as a community-created update, End of the Line is a great sign. Valve has expressed their interest in working with the community to keep updates coming even as Valve finds themselves increasingly distracted with newer IPs like Dota 2. Not to mention we’re likely going to get a Smissmas update before the year is out, there look to be good things on the horizon.

Check out the update for yourself!

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