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Making The Sandvich

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As you know, I have just returned from my perilous journey in Timbuktu, where the Internet and Half-Life are outlawed! Hit that “More” button to hear about my adventures!

Okay, it isn’t Timbuktu and they aren’t outlawed and I’m still on vacation, but…

As I returned to LambdaGeneration’s HQ, I noticed something strange about the office, which I soon realized was the lack of any Sandvich.

Okay, so LambdaGeneration does NOT have an HQ, or an office and I did just eat a Sandvich lookalike at this non-Timbuktuian beach resort, but bear with me here…

Alex called me into his office and insisted that I call him Mr. Malkin from now on.

He then said, and I quote: “I don’t care that you’re on holiday, if you don’t start writing some real stuff, you’re fired!”

Okay, OKAY, we can’t be fired here since we aren’t hired (ooh, nice pseudo-rhyme there), Alex is not one of those stereotypical bosses, but still, I put all of the things that happened, or did NOT happen, together and I reached one conclusion!

We need more Sandvich! So, I will now drop off some awesome Sandvich recipes the community has made. Enjoy!

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