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We Are The Lambda Generation. LambdaGeneration is a website dedicated to the video game Half-Life. ( We're basically really passionate about crowbars, headcrabs and anyone who has goatee with a PhD in theoretical physics… )

What’s Going On?

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I would imagine there are a few questions going through your head at the moment. Why didn’t we post anything on the 24th? Why did we only post one article on the 25th?

Allow me to answer all your questions through a simple FAQ, which I completely made up, for a stronger effect.

– Is the site closing down?

– No.

– Is the site taking a hiatus?

– No.

– Did someone die or something?

– No.

– Did you get hired by Valve or PC Gamer or Kotaku or something?

– Yeah, no.

– Wait, what if Pinky’s LG dirigible got shot down by those Dogfight planes, crashed into the LG office, killing everyone, except for you, half dead, half in Purgatory, barely able to continue writing?

– No. No.

– Did you playtest Episode Three and summarily killed yourselves due to amazement?

– I wish we did. Except for the second part. No.

So, then, what’s really going on? I can sense all those thoughts flying through your fragile minds, and- Oh. This isn’t the “Insane AI” impersonating contest? Damn it, I think I had A.M. spot on.

The reason, my dear friends, is a simple case of “cannot-log-on-to-internets”-itis. The main culprit being…


Yes, sadly, school is rapidly approaching, and as a result, our writers may not be able to get on the interweb and start writing stuff. We’re all quite young here at LambdaGeneration, so we need to be institutionalized in the institution of education.

So, some days might pass with only one or no articles, but don’t fret, we’ll be trying to keep the site updated as hard as we can.

To aid in our quest for updatin’, we’ll be having a new writer on. Actually, if you love us that much, we’ll just call him a “guest” writer.

Anyways, he’s a pretty well known person in the HL community, and he’s got a ton of free time, so he’ll definitely help out.

Remember guys, we’ll be fighting to keep working on the site, but don’t be surprised if we don’t post as much as we used to, and please stay with us!

Thanks for reading!


  1. SO MUCH BL.. FUN!!

  2. Eins ist klar ihr seit eindeutig aus Deutschland und wahrscheinlich auch eher aus dem Norden, den Ferien nach zu urteilen, hab ich Recht?

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