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We Are The Lambda Generation. LambdaGeneration is a website dedicated to the video game Half-Life. ( We're basically really passionate about crowbars, headcrabs and anyone who has goatee with a PhD in theoretical physics… )


LambdaGeneration is a website dedicated to Half-Life.

( We’re basically really passionate about crowbars, headcrabs and anyone who has goatee with a PhD in theoretical physics… )

It is run by the community for the community.


The fan-base created as a result of Valve’s work has led to the existence of a strong (and patient) community which withholds a diverse culture of passion, creativity and inspiration.

Our aim is to establish a platform to express this culture as a celebration of our own passion and love for everything Half-Life.

The name ‘LambdaGeneration‘ attempts to relate to the ‘Generation of Lambda’ as both the generation as the group/following/epoch of Half-Life as well as the creation/making/production of all things related to Half-Life and Valve.


LambdaGeneration is a voluntarily run fan site made up of a team of Half-Life fans from around the world.

Active Contributors


Site Founder and Director. I currently manage the LambdaGeneration social media accounts. I am also responsible for the site's branding, design and coding.

I first played Half-Life when I was only five years old. It changed my life. I founded LambdaGeneration as a result of my passion towards the game and the amazing community created from it.


Mitch Wensveen

Writer, producer and Director. I’ve been a Half-Life fan ever since I started gaming on PC. I produce ‘All Things Lambda’ on the LambdaGeneration YouTube channel and sometimes provide screenshots for the LambdaGeneration social media.

I am the creator of the YouTube show ‘Glorious Rigby’. I love drinking coffee, synthwave music and anything sci-fi related! Seriously, there is coffee running trough my veins. I can’t live without it at this point. It’s a serious problem but I don’t mind. Nobody is perfect. And so is my coffee. Just drinkable.

Mitch Wensveen


I create various graphic and video assets for LambdaGeneration. I've also created a few videos for the LambdaGeneration YouTube channel in the past.



Content Contributor, Focusing on Half-Life Lore

Breadman has been mapping since he was eight. He is the creator of the Gm_Ghosthunt trilogy, which has since been featured by Pewdiepie and the Yogscast. Half-Life is his favorite game of all time. When Breadman isn’t mapping, he’s writing.



Web Development Assistant



I help out with anything I can!

Valve and Elder Scrolls fanatic, game developer and artist

Previous Contributors:


Massive Portal and Half-Life fan (surprise surprise). Has some experience of mapping with Source SDK and reports on new map and mod releases and updates, in addition to reviews, analysis and maybe more.

MisterAddy enjoys playing mods, making maps with the Source SDK and referring to himself in the third person.



Marketing Assistant & Occasional Content Writer

Born in the land of vikings. I spend my days laughing at unfortunate strangers. I'm also a loot hoarder... wanna see my Portal gun?



Will be reporting mod news, releases.

Avid lurker of the Source modding community. Here to report what mods are being released/produced, reviews of said mods, and [some other third thing]!



I've been a Half-Life obsessive for a long time - ever since HL2 introduced me to the gaming community. When I'm not on this site, I draw stuff and critique other stuff.


JeffXendance, darkst3althAabicusDhelEmilErebusFlamovInakiMrFreemanBBQPinkyVic

Special Thanks

These people are awesome.

Ryan McDonagh from Critical Indie Gamer – For taking the time to give us help and advice!

Kennyist – Helped tremendously with certain PHP and JS coding problems including the Steam login

SiPlus – For his support and coding the ‘Coming soon page’ sound which caused a Half-Life 3 Consipriacy

K00pa – Offered help & support for coding problems

Rewire – JQuery Pro, offered help & support for coding problems

Mark Haynes – Offered help & support for coding problems

Cameron:D – Offered help & support for coding and server problems

Barnz – Provided some imagery and helped us write content for the site

csapdani – For sharing our work and supporting us on r/HalfLife

John Irwin from Kritzkast – For his kind and insightful advice and support regarding the podcast.

Special Events Archive

Here is an archive of our special events, enjoy!

Xmas Advents/Animated Specials: 2010 | 2011 | 20122013 | 2014

April Fools Day Pranks: 2011 | 2012 | 2015

Game Anniversaries: 15 Years of Half-Life (Nov 2013) | A Decade of Half-Life 2 (Nov 2014)

LambdaGeneration: 1 Year of LambdaGeneration (Jul 2011) | Site Relaunch (Sep 2013) [Holding / Decay]