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Portal 2 Media

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Since yours truly is a contributor on the Portal Puzzle Wiki, I’ve decided to use my unique expertise to make a post dedicated completely to Portal 2 media! This stuff will save you till 2011, lads. Hit it after the jump to see all the goodies we’ve got. Enjoy.

Portal 2 Media

Sony’s Press Conference – Portal 2 on PS3 Announced

E3 2010 – Portal 2 Teaser Trailer

Machinima’s Channel – Meet Wheatley

Valve’s Channel – Excursion Funnel

Valve’s Channel – Aerial Faith Plate

Valve’s Channel – Thermal Discouragement Beam

Valve’s Channel – Pneumatic Diversity Vent

Valve’s Channel – Repulsion Gel

Valve’s Channel – Propulsion Gel

E3 2010 – G4 Interview with Doug Lombardi and Erik Wolpaw

E3 2010 – IGN Interview with Doug Lombardi

E3 2010 – GameSpot Interview with Doug Lombardi

E3 2010 – 1UP Interview with Doug Lombardi and Erik Wolpaw

(video no longer available)

E3 2010 – IGN’s Backstage Footage (almost identical to Valve’s videos, but features Erik Johnson’s commentary and an unseen flythrough clip)

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