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Amazing Fan-Made Wheatley Model!

Art & Creations Portal

Portal’s coming out on February 9th, with all its high-tech dynamic lighting doodads and high-polygon models and all that stuff.

But already, the awesome Harry101 has made his own high-poly model of Wheatley himself!

It looks absolutely stunning!




But his Crowbar Wheatley model is really what you’re looking for!

There’s also more Wheatley varieties throughout the thread, though they can be accessed from the first post!

Check it all out at his thread on the SPUF!


  1. i love wheatley he his and allways will be my favorite from portal two and the space core as well. live on wheatley

  2. Wow, i love this guy….

  3. Am I the only one who wants to play through all of the half-life games as Wheatley the crowbar wielding scientist?

  4. Wow, I’m not sure if the Valve model has that much detail in it.

  5. Superb!


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