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Mass Community Playthrough Planned for Half-Life 2’s 10th Anniversary

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In the approach to the 10th anniversary of the release of Half-Life 2, a mass community playthrough of the game is being organised.

Mass Community Playthrough Planned for Half-Life 2’s 10th Anniversary

The community event, originally suggested by “Boff” of the Steam Users’ Forums, will take place between the 15th and 17th of November. To participate all you have to do is play Half-Life 2 during this time!

Currently the Steam Group created for the event already has over 700 2000 members and rising. Participants will be attempting to replay the chapters of Half-Life 2 in mass unison on the day:

On November 16th it will be 10 years since Valve officially released Half-Life 2. Let’s unite for this special occasion to show our love for the Half-Life universe and respect for Valve.

We decided to join in ourselves too, check out Jeff’s video below about our livestream on Twitch:

Previous events such as “A Call for Communication’s Red Letter Day” saw over 13,000 active participants playing Half-Life 2 in February 2012, which demonstrated the widespread community enthusiasm and potential for events like this.

Check out the event’s Steam Group and Steam Users’ Forum Thread for more information.


Will you be participating? Let us know in the comments below!

Around the International Community

de flag Steamgamer – “Massenevent zum 10. Geburtstag von Half-Life 2 geplant”

ru flag Half-Life Inside – “Юбилейная игра”


  1. Just finished HL1, HL2 and episode 1&2.

  2. I’m playing through HL and Black Mesa at the same time right now. Guess I could start HL2 also. Yes, I’ll play.

  3. Lets go.

  4. It’s been a long time since I replayed a Half-Life game. Count me in 😀

  5. Wow, I’m surprised this idea took off so fast. I didn’t join in on the last one, so maybe I’ll do so this time.

  6. Yes, i’m in! 😉

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