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Breaking News: Valve and IceFrog’s mysterious DotA related project finally unveiled?


For months, we’ve been waiting to see just what that project IceFrog, the creator of the popular Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft III, are working on with Valve.

Alien Swarm came and went, but this mysterious unannounced project remains. Teased as “great news for DotA fans”, we still have no idea just what the hell this is.

Now, we may finally have a clue as to what it may be.

Very Early Blue Shift Trailer


This trailer, created as a teaser for the Dreamcast port of HL1, which would have featured Blue Shift as a small side mission, is very interesting.

Note the lack of any HD (or Medium Definition, as the Dreamcast models are called) models, the yellow HUD, the flashlight weapon, and most of the footage is taken from HL1 maps. Weird. Still, the later Blue Shift trailer is directly based off it. Check it out after the jump.

The Many Faces of Half-Life: Uplink


The original Half-Life’s hype train first started rolling when an early demo of the first few chapters of the game, known as “Half-Life: Day One”, only meant for distribution with graphics cards, was leaked to the internet.

Immediately, gamers got fired up, and eventually, the game was released in November 1998.

However, there is another demo, an official one this time, not too many people remember. Released after the official game, Half-Life: Uplink is an underrated demo featuring some great levels that didn’t make it in the final game.

Half-Life: Redux – Model Pack


The wacky “better models better models” mania started in 2000, when an updated zombie model was sighted in a screenshot of HL1 for the Dreamcast.

Now it’s been 10 years, and numerous mods, individual models and other tiny things have attempted to update HL’s graphics to a higher standard. Some were released, some failed, some are still in development hell (BMS and HL:Enhanced, anyone?).

However, I stumbled upon this interesting little gem. Named HL:Redux, it features numerous new models, textures and other things. Similar to “DiamonD’s Half-Life”. Redux is definitely worth checking out. Video and official site are in the “moors”.

Sven Coop 4.1 Announced!


Sven Coop, the mod we all know and love, since its inception in early 1999, is finally getting a new release!

The bad news is that it’s gonna be relea-

Oh, who am I kidding. Sven Coop 4.1 is coming this August, with numerous things changed and added.

For the full changelog, and more info, check their official site!


News Roundup! #1


Wow! Would you look at that, it’s been one full week since our humble site first appeared on the map. Hooray! And in this short time, we already got our first new writer! Everyone welcome Pinky to the stage! In this short time he’s already written up quite a few articles, so great job, Pinky!

Since he’s the only other writer who cares about the news here, Pinky and I share a sort of rivalry, so I will now refer to him as “New Guy”. Grrr.

Enough celebration! Every week, I have to (painfully, I might add) write up a News Roundup! (I have to put capitals and the exclamation mark, or the copyright doesn’t hold up), summing up every single news article written in the past week. Ouch. Well, let’s start.

The Combine Interview – Fan Film


Wow. “The Combine Interview”, at the time it was made, was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen. Very well written, awesome acting, excellent production values and cinematography, and with some great action near the end, it was simply amazing. Even with recent fanfilms such as “Escape from City 17” and “Beyond Black Mesa”, this is still very awesome, and the way it was written to reflect Tom Cruise’s leaked Scientology interview is pretty amazing. Video is after the jump.

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