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Oh, Snap – Black Mesa: Source Gameplay Footage Leaked! [UPDATED]


[UPDATE 3: We now have a full 1080p re-upload of the On A Rail video. Check it out!]

[UPDATE 2: The ValveTime gameplay video has just been forcefully taken down by the BM:S team, and Raminator has issued an informative statement concerning the takedown here.]

[UPDATE: BM:S level design lead Daniel “Raminator” Junek has commented on the On A Rail video leak. He says the video was a rough cut for a gameplay video in the BM:S media campaign; and that the mod build depicted is 4-5 weeks old, and that most of the content (including the music) is near-final. He also states that they’ll be moving forward more quickly with their upcoming plans.]

As if the whole Source 2 thing wasn’t enough, here’s more earth-shattering stuff for you guys!

Oh My God, Source 2 Is Actually Real – And A Sneak Peek At The New Hammer Editor?


UPDATE 3: Facepunch member J*Rod has created an insightful and very informative explanation of how Source 2 might work, based on what we’ve seen in the leaked code. If you can’t read code (or as I like to call it, hieroglyphs), then this is your lucky day.

UPDATE 2: LambdaGen fan 3rrorVirus has made this hilarious little video about this whole Source 2 debacle – check it out!

UPDATE: Facepunch member DevinWatson has compiled a full list of just about every single Source 2 reference in the SFM files. Take a look!

Yeah, it gets better. Waaay better.

Surf, Of The Call For Communication, Joins Podcast 17


Some pretty exciting community news here – Surfrock, the founder and leader of the Half-Life Call for Communication, is joining Podcast 17. He was previously one of the recurring guest hosts of the defunct Steamcast podcast, and is now joining P17 as a permanent co-host. Surf’s introduction will be done later today, on Episode #199, set to be recorded live in approximately 12 hours, at 9 PM GMT (check the recording page for a live countdown).

In addition, in approximately 4 hours, at 2 PM GMT, Phillip Marlowe of PlanetPhillip will be interviewing the lead developer of Mission Improbable, Magnar “Insta” Jenssen, streaming live on the P17 YouTube page. If you want to give both streams a listen when the time comes, keep an eye on the Podcast 17 Steam Group.

TF2 Gets Huge New “Triad Pack”, For Sleeping Dogs Steam Promotion


[UPDATE: Here’s something I forgot about: the brand new Team Fortress 2 QuakeCon Bundle in the Steam Store, featuring all five of last year’s promotional QuakeCon items, albeit in non-Genuine versions. So the items are not Genuine, but they are “clean” and tradeable, just like ordinary drop items.

This bundle, by the way, is TF2’s first DLC to be offered for sale in the Steam Store, although technically it doesn’t even qualify as DLC. Still, it says the bundle is available this weekend only for a discounted price, so I assume that it won’t be taken down from the Store once the weekend ends. No idea why it got its own Store entry and page, anyway.]

Team Fortress 2’s Pyromania Update, released in late June, was pretty damn massive. Which is why most of us probably didn’t expect to see anything significant out of TF2 until this coming Halloween. But that doesn’t mean Valve was planning on forsaking TF2 for 4 months. No – quite the opposite, as they have just proved through the surprise release of the brand new Triad Pack!

“Mission Improbable” Mod For HL2: EP2, Released At Long Last!


Mission Improbable is an episodic single-player mod series for Half-Life 2: Episode Two, designed by Magnar “Insta” Jenssen, a professional game developer, who’s also the creator of two splendid custom-made multiplayer levels, which were actually introduced as official maps, into the Valve games in question: DOD_Palermo for Day of Defeat: Source, and Arena_Offblast for Team Fortress 2.

Shortly after releasing Part 2 of MI back in mid-2010, Magnar took an extended hiatus from working on Part 3, and released the incredible Whoopservatory, also for HL2: EP2, in mid-2011. But now, he is back, he is rested, and with the help of Rick Underhill, he has brought us the full Mission Improbable mod release, featuring all-new redesigned levels for all of Parts 1 and 2, as well as the long-awaited Part 3! 

Two Years of LambdaGeneration


Yes, that’s right – two years ago, on the 30th of July in 2010, LambdaGeneration went live, after a couple of months in development. Since then, we’ve been your number 1 stop for insightful and comprehensive reports on all Valve-related and community-related news.

Sure, some topics slip through our fingers every now and then, but we like to think that, in the long run, we more than make up for it, with diverse and interesting commentary on Valve’s activities, and on the Valve community’s creations. And we want to thank all of you for sticking with us, providing everyone with interesting discourse simply by commenting on our articles, and generally spreading the word. So it’s as much a happy birthday to us, as it is a happy birthday to you: the lifeblood of LambdaGen.

And this upcoming year will be a testament to our commitment to show you guys lots of cool stuff. Relatively soon, we’ll be debuting our new site redesign update – we figured that it’s high time to get that done and offer you a “LambdaGeneration 2.0“, so to speak. And from what I’ve seen thus far? You’ll be in for a spectacular treat!

Right around the same time, we’ll be bringing in our new writing team (the one you’ve been hearing about since the call for writers went out last September), which means you’ll be getting even more high-quality news, from some really great writers – as a matter of fact, at least one of those guys is at least fifty times cooler than me, but… well, you’ll just have to figure out who it is!

So if you think you’ve seen it all in these past two years of LambdaGeneration, then think again, because we’re only just getting started – stay tuned!

“PAYDAY: Mercy Hospital” Left 4 Dead Crossover DLC Released As Free Update


Back in May, Overkill Games announced that it was developing some sort of collaborative Left 4 Dead-PAYDAY crossover project, together with Valve.

One month later, a teaser trailer for this crossover project was released, revealing it to be a DLC heist level for Overkill Games’ PAYDAY: The Heist. The teaser trailer depicted action-packed gunfights with police units, set in L4D1’s infamous Mercy Hospital, prior to the zombie apocalypse that turned the world of Left 4 Dead upside down.

But since then, no further details on this DLC have been released. Well… until now!

Podcast 17 Starts New Experimental Discussion Format


As you may or may not know, whenever I’m not writing for… the website we’re on right now, I also co-host Podcast 17, a weekly audio show focusing on all things related to Valve and the Valve community. Since William, P17’s founder, is currently taking a short break from the show itself (he’s been working on it for nearly 4 years, so it’s fairly understandable), the P17 staff are currently experimenting with a new, more discussion-focused format that we’ve just introduced.

This format will make for longer, more insightful and in-depth discussions regarding various topics. Which means instead of us you listening to us describing pictures and reading headlines, under this new format you’ll get to listen to us yell at each other about video games, but with some surprisingly interesting discourse and commentary all throughout.

In fact, the first episode using this new discussion format, Episode #197, was just released earlier today (and if I may say so myself, it’s pretty damn awesome). And to herald this new format, Podcast 17 has gotten itself a very fancy new logo (as seen in this very article’s feature image), which was actually created by Alex, our very own admin and lead designer!

So why am I telling you about this, you ask? Well, this new format runs on one thing: discussion topics. And that’s where you come in! If you’ve got an idea for a discussion topic that’d fit in this new format, and if you’d like to hear us talk about it, then send that topic in, here!

But we’re also receiving submissions for Podcast 17 sidecasts! So if you’re interested in hosting your very own audio show, under the P17 umbrella (serious applications/inquiries only), contact P17’s PR manager at “[email protected]“.

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