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Valve Registers Mysterious “Gamer Life: The Movie” Domain Name, To Be Revealed On GameTrailers TV Tomorrow? [UPDATED]


[UPDATE 2: It turns out that 10 months ago in September, Valve production crews were doing filming for an unidentified documentary focusing on “the life of professional gamers”. At that time, the documentary was in the early stages of development. Designed to promote e-sports, it allegedly focuses on 5 competitive gamers from all over the globe. No further detail was given at the time.

This might just be the supposed “Gamer Life” this article discusses. Stay tuned!]

[UPDATE: Stop the presses – for the GTTV reveal will literally be nothing we speculated about!

Exhibit A: this post on the official Source Filmmaker blog, showing a mocap artist holding an assault rifle not too dissimilar from CS:GO’s Bushmaster M4A4, while a developer uses the SFM in the background.

Exhibit B: this post on the official CS:GO blog, saying that: “if you like CS:GO and you like movies… you should check out GameTrailers TV tonight on Spike TV“.

Well then, an actual Counter-Strike movie? Consider me interested!]

This may be a tidbit, but it’s a very interesting one at that! Read on.

Half-Life 3 To Be Revealed At Gamescom 2012? [UPDATED]


[UPDATE 3: Believe it or not, there’s more. Gamescom organizers told Joystiq this: “We can not officially announce it. Please check our list for further changes. Please see the legend for information about the sources.

At this point, all I know is this: over the next couple of days, I will definitely be keeping an open mind, as well as my ears open.]

[UPDATE 2: Valve has stated to CVG that they will not be showing any games at Cologne this year, and the Half-Life 3 listing has been removed from the PDF document in question.]

[UPDATE: I have made a second call to the Gamescom public info line. I was explicitly informed by one of the managers, that Valve were the ones who asked that HL3 be placed on the list; but that apparently, “just a few minutes ago“, Valve requested that HL3 be removed from that list.

Meanwhile, Eurogamer reports that they were notified by Gamescom representatives, that HL3 and Dragon Age 3 appearing on the listing was “a mistake. Gamescom reps denied comment on how and why the mistake was made, which is pretty strange.

The situation is murky, but it is still developing; don’t get your hopes up just yet.]

Yes, this truly is the month when everything happened. Read on to find out how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

TF2 Gets New ARG, And A Significant New Storyline Teaser – The Third Heir Of The Mann Family Fortune Revealed?


Just two days ago, the Triad Pack map “Kong King” was added to TF2 as part of a free game update. Little did we know that this relatively uneventful addition represented the prelude to a second TF2 ARG, leading up to what we can only assume, is another significant game update. Who knows – it might even be the long-awaited Mann vs Machine game component! Read on.

Podcast 17 To Interview GoldenEye: Source Later Today


Today, at 7PM GMT/8PM BST (in 1 hour and 30 minutes, as a matter of fact), part of the Podcast 17 crew (myself included) will be interviewing Enzo, Major, and Emilia of the GoldenEye: Source development team (in case you didn’t get the memo, version 4.2 of GE:S was released earlier this month).

In other news, episode #200 will be recorded two hours after that, at 9PM GMT/10PM BST. It’s important for two really important reasons: the first being that it may very well be the biggest episode we’ve ever done. Really. Discussing Source 2 alone is worth like… 50 episodes.

The second reason is that we’re introducing a new co-host along with it: Mimaz, whom you might recognize as one of the co-hosts of the defunct Steamcast podcast, and one of my colleagues here at LambdaGen (he is, of course, the creator of the upcoming Half-Life Dissertation).

He used to post regularly on the Steam forums (where he would scare everyone into submission with copious amounts of impressive Half-Life knowledge and trivia), and he is a very good friend of mine. Also, he’s Australian. So listen in, if you know what’s good for you.

Black Mesa: Source Takes Community Feedback Surprisingly Seriously


Two days ago, new gameplay footage from Black Mesa: Source’s “On A Rail” was leaked to the Internet. The footage came from a mod build about 4-5 weeks old, but in a testament to the BM:S team’s perseverence and dedication, it appears they will be changing a great deal in the mod, based off community feedback to the leaked video. Read on to find out more!

Steam To Start Selling And Distributing Non-Gaming Software, On 5th September


Back in July, users of the Steam Mobile app quickly noticed a variety of strange software-related genre categories had popped up in the Steam Store. When searched for manually, these ten software categories would automatically redirect you to a currently inexistent Software landing page in the Store.

At the time, these findings fueled speculation that Valve were planning on adding actual software applications to the Steam Store. And as we all know, once the community starts speculating, it never stops. Unless Valve themselves intervene… which they have, in the form of an official announcement! Read on.

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