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Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Articles posted during Tuesday September 11th 2012

Black Mesa: Source; Cry of Fear; No More Room in Hell; Have All Been Community Greenlit For Steam Distribution


Praise be to the Steam business development team, for they have blessed us all with some of the greatest news I’ve heard all year: among the first 10 games to pass through the Steam Greenlight crowd-sourced selection system are three amazing total conversion mods based on Valve’s games. The mods in question, which will soon be released officially on the Steam Store as free downloads are:

  • Cry of Fear, an incredible survival horror experience built on the GoldSource engine.
  • No More Room in Hell, an excellent co-op zombie survival game built on Source.
  • And, of course, the long-awaited Black Mesa: Source, an incredible reimagining of Valve’s first ever: Half-Life 1.

The most important thing worth mentioning here is that none of these games had gotten past the 50% voting mark, let alone the 100%. Black Mesa was on 49%; NMRIH was on 30%; while Cry of Fear was at 15%.

So what does this mean? Well, it means that my concerns, doubts, and worries, which I previously expressed in our article regarding Greenlight’s reveal, have all been shattered. And that’s actually great.

It’s really, really great to finally see Valve fully embracing their own modding community yet again, just as they used to in the old days (I was starting to get worried, quite frankly). Furthermore, simply having such great experiences available freely on the Steam Store is just amazing in itself, and I’m really happy all the hard work these dedicated modders have poured into their creations has finally paid off.

As a sinister, sociopathic artificial intelligence once said: it’s hard to overstate my satisfaction. Whoever made this decision is a saint on Earth, and should get their own country. Then again, they work at Valve, and that’s kind of a reward in and of itself.

In any case, this holy trinity, along with the other 7 greenlit games, will be moved to the Greenlit section of Steam Greenlight, where they will stay until they are officially released on the Steam Store, as free downloads (although some of the other 7 greenlits will obviously be paid games). Some of them are still months away from release, while others will be released very soon.

As we all know, Black Mesa is now only 3 days away from release, so let’s hope it will launch directly onto Steam. Both CoF and NMRIH have already been released previously, so hopefully it won’t take too long for them to reach the Store as well.

All 10 greenlit projects were in the top 11 most-rated projects on Greenlight (mysteriously, Slender: Source, which was the second most-rated project, has not been greenlit as of yet). And just in case you’re curious, the other 7 greenlit games are: