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Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Articles posted during Wednesday August 15th 2012

Valve Registers Mysterious “Gamer Life: The Movie” Domain Name, To Be Revealed On GameTrailers TV Tomorrow? [UPDATED]


[UPDATE 2: It turns out that 10 months ago in September, Valve production crews were doing filming for an unidentified documentary focusing on “the life of professional gamers”. At that time, the documentary was in the early stages of development. Designed to promote e-sports, it allegedly focuses on 5 competitive gamers from all over the globe. No further detail was given at the time.

This might just be the supposed “Gamer Life” this article discusses. Stay tuned!]

[UPDATE: Stop the presses – for the GTTV reveal will literally be nothing we speculated about!

Exhibit A: this post on the official Source Filmmaker blog, showing a mocap artist holding an assault rifle not too dissimilar from CS:GO’s Bushmaster M4A4, while a developer uses the SFM in the background.

Exhibit B: this post on the official CS:GO blog, saying that: “if you like CS:GO and you like movies… you should check out GameTrailers TV tonight on Spike TV“.

Well then, an actual Counter-Strike movie? Consider me interested!]

This may be a tidbit, but it’s a very interesting one at that! Read on.