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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Articles posted during Wednesday May 23rd 2012

CS: Global Offensive Beta Update Adds 15v15 Support, And More


Yet another… ever so slightly late update for the CS:GO beta – and what a lovely update indeed. All official maps have been updated with support for 15v15 play, although it would seem that actual in-game functionality for that is yet to come, as I haven’t encountered any servers with support for anything beyond 5v5 as of yet. Significant improvements have been made towards gunplay, spread and recoil patterns; and the general consensus is that Valve have now got the overall gun combat spot-on (some even say it’s currently better than 1.6’s gunplay, and I can’t blame them). And, as always, Valve have released new batches of CS:GO beta invites to all those who applied using the official beta survey. So if you’ve been invited, get playing – and if you find me in-game, do call me out!

Also, CS:GO’s controversial bullet tracers have also been extensively tuned for better playing experience, and that’s also an excellent change. In addition… for whatever reason, Valve have decided to add chickens to DE_Inferno. Coincidence… or vicious intent? Check out Marphy Black’s “Hostage-Strike to find out the grim truth. And for more not-so-grim truths, check out Cadred’s community-driven interview with Chet Faliszek. Do check out the update’s official blog post for more info.