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Monday, May 14th, 2012

Articles posted during Monday May 14th 2012

GameStop’s Steam Wallet Cards Go Live


After hidden code within a Steam beta client release indicated that the so-called Steam Wallet Vouchers were about to see the light of day, and after a report from Kotaku gave us our first glimpse at these wondrous cards, many were curious regarding the possibility of GameStop actually stocking pre-paid Steam Wallet cards.

Well, you need speculate no longer, for GameStop have at last announced the distribution of Steam Wallet voucher cards in GameStop stores all across the United States.

The special Steam Card webpage provides very few details on the vouchers. But maybe details aren’t really needed. You simply buy them, and then use the enclosed keycode to fill up your Steam Wallet (on your PC, of course) with lovely monies. Apparently there will be a $20 card, as well as a $50 card, and they will presumably cost as much as the Steam Wallet dollars offered within. Hopefully this will spice up the Steam trading economy. More details over at Joystiq.