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Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Articles posted during Tuesday April 17th 2012

PlanetPhillip’s 6×10 Source Level Design Competition


Level design is, undoubtedly, a noble art. Sun Tzu might not have written a book about it, but he was probably afraid that David Sawyer (arguably the greatest level designer to ever set foot on this Earth, and supposedly, also plays a mean Sniper in TFC) would have written it better than him. But Sun Tzu got lucky, as David Sawyer, along with the rest of Valve, were too busy making cool games, to even consider kicking Sun Tzu’s ass back into the… well, whatever age he was born in.

And that brings us back to our main point – Source level design. It’s been a while since there was a nice little level design competition to test our skills in the mapping arena. But we need wait no longer, as PlanetPhillip has revealed one of the most intriguing and original mapping contests in a very long time!