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Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Articles posted during Saturday February 11th 2012

A Message From Gabe Newell Regarding 2011’s Steam Network Intrusion


Last year, on the 7th of November, the Steam Forums were hacked and defaced by an unknown group of hackers. Only days later, Gabe Newell himself made a public statement to all Steam users, revealing that the attack had been a bit more extensive than believed – intruders gained access to a Steam network database containing encrypted data on user accounts and credit card info. While Valve had no reason to believe the hackers had gained access to any personal information or broken encryption on passwords and credit card info, they advised users to stay alert. The forums went back up not long after that, and not much else happened.

However, Valve has recently found out more about the intrusion, and what exactly the intruders managed to gain access to. Let’s check it out, shall we?

TF2: Public Voting For The Next Dr. Grordbort Item Pack; And The Scout Gets His Very Own Boombox


The Doctor Grordbort item packs have brought new life to Team Fortress 2, at the cost of art style purity. Based on WETA Workshop’s wacky line of steampunk gizmos, we’ve had three of these: one for the Soldier; one for the Pyro; and one for the Engineer. And Valve and WETA aren’t done yet – hit the jump to find out why and how!