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Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Articles posted during Sunday January 8th 2012

“A Call For Communication/Message To Valve” Movement Still Going, Now Has Its Own Steam Group


Despite what Valve plans or doesn’t plan to do regarding the next Half-Life, or how long they plan on developing it, there’s no denying that they’ve dropped the ball when it comes to communicating with the Half-Life community, and the gaming community at large. As a result, they may have inflicted a fatal injury upon the franchise and its community. There’s better ways to ensure a lengthy development time than acting like the franchise in question doesn’t exist, and occasionally annoying your fanbase by blatantly trolling them.

Whenever Half-Life 3 does come out, we’re all pretty sure it’s going to be monumental. I wouldn’t expect any less from a Half-Life game that’s been in development for nearly a decade. But I think we can all agree that Valve isn’t doing this right. At all. So what can we do? Can we even do anything at all? Well, there might be something. Let’s see what it is…

Incredible Blue Shift World Record Speedrun Performed by Quadrazid and Rayvex, And More Breathtaking Valve Speedruns


Here’s one for the history books: the world’s fastest HL: Blue Shift speedrun. And another one for the history books: this thing was released almost 3 months ago. So the only logical conclusion here is… quadrazid is fast, Vic is slow. It’s funny, you see, because I can’t strafejump for s**t. Hell, I can barely tell the difference between strafejumping and bhopping. But I still manage to dominate Portal 2’s Challenge Mode on my Friends list.

UnKnown Moments 5 Released, After 2-Year Wait


A very, very long time ago, in February of 2007, CaLeB (or, as he is now known… oxcjae) released a lovely little Garry’s Mod comedy video, UnKnown Moments. A crazy collection of all sorts of weird and surreal comedy sketches, UKM was a hit, and just half a year later, it got an even better sequel. But we had to wait one whole year for part 3. And another whole year for part 4. While we got some holiday-themed shorts during 2010, last year brought us absolutely zilch on the UKM front.

Well, you need wait no longer. Unless you haven’t actually been waiting for it, in which case… gah, screw it. UnKnown Moments 5 is finally here. All the classic in-jokes, running jokes, characters, and signature moments are back. Twice the length as well. It’s the last one of the series, so let’s take a look!