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Monday, December 12th, 2011

Articles posted during Monday December 12th 2011

Marc Laidlaw Confirms That There Is No Half-Life 3 ARG


I did say we weren’t going to touch on that so-called “ARG”, that so many people were convinced existed inside the Wheatley nomination short from the 2011 VGA’s, but I did add “for now” to the end of that sentence. Well, guess what? We’re already ragging on it, except this time we know for sure that there is no Half-Life 3 ARG. How? Read on to find out!

Let’s Debunk Some Fake Half-Life 3 Rumors With Vic: Fake E-Mails, Fake Twitter Accounts, And More


So, in the midst of all of this VGA-related mayhem, some people have managed to… well, troll a certain number of people. As if that wasn’t enough, another, completely unrelated number of people is now convinced that the VGA 2011 Wheatley Character of the Year nomination short somehow contains Half-Life 3 ARG clues. The bad thing is these groups appear to have combined, and we now have a tremendous number of people who believe Valve is about to announce Half-Life 3.

Now, we’re not going to be touching on the “ARG”. As silly as it may seem, maybe it’ll develop… somehow, and we’ll actually see something concrete. We’ll just give the hard-working ARG folks the benefit of a doubt for now, rather than rain on their parade for no reason. No, now I’m going go to town on all those other rumors. Rumors propagated by video game journalists who hardly have time to do a bit of research before they are forced to push an article out prematurely.