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Monday, November 28th, 2011

Articles posted during Monday November 28th 2011

Combine OverWiki Needs Your Help!


A long time ago, some guy looked at Wikipedia and went “I wish we could have this for Stargate”. And thus, the fan wiki was born. Focusing on one topic, and one topic only, these wikis are essentially online encyclopedias for… well, whatever you want. Obviously, this is perfect for a video game with an universe as rich as Half-Life’s. In fact, there’s been lots of Half-Life wikis in the past. Some have died off, some are still alive. But the most successful one is, by far, the Combine OverWiki, which is currently hosted on Wikia.

Unfortunately, Wikia is not very good for… well, pretty much anything, I suppose. Advertisements, forced skin changes that break wikis, and so on, and so forth. Many fan wikis have moved to other locations, such as the Official Team Fortress Wiki, and some have simply avoided Wikia outright, such as the new Portal Wiki. And now it’s the OverWiki’s turn to get the hell out of there. But not so fast – they could use your help!