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Monday, November 14th, 2011

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“Water: The Magical Mermaid Adventure” Released


The Half-Life 2 Short Stories crew, which you might know from their excellent episodic mod series “Human Error” (first episode came out in mid-2010, second one is missing in action, and we aren’t even going to talk about episode three), have been hard at work on their newest mod, “Water: The Magical Mermaid Adventure”, which they announced back in December of 2010. Developed in conjunction with the developers of the superb Research & Development, and the incredible Flesh, Water was finally released today.

It’s an adventure game (though not a point-and-click game, obviously) in which you play as Water, a mermaid (you’ll be pleased to know that she does have tittays after all) who travels to a town populated by fish people “who aren’t fish people”, which presumably means they’re Terminator-esque robots disguised as fish people. Yes, I am joking – the team have been remarkably silent about the mod’s story and gameplay, which is something I really, really appreciate.