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Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Articles posted during Saturday October 22nd 2011

Portal 2 DLC #2 To Feature Simplified Infographic Map Editor And Custom Map Distribution Interface, To Be Released In Early 2012


There’s two really big problems with Portal 2 right now – one, the SDK is… well, it’s Hammer. That speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Hammer is still Hammer, even if the Portal 2 authoring tools are still in the beta stage. And number two? Custom maps can be hard to find at times, especially for newer players. They don’t know they should go to “That Site” to download all the hottest new custom maps. They haven’t found out that “This Other Site” is only used by a few, and only has low-quality maps. In fact, they might not even know about any of these sites at all.

But Valve has come to the rescue! Could they have the solutions to these problems? Read on…