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Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Articles posted during Wednesday October 19th 2011

“Final Hours of Portal 2” Updated With New Chapter: “Unlikely Architects”, Featuring A Look At The Upcoming New Portal 2 Level Editor, And More!


It’s been a couple of weeks since the first Portal 2 DLC pack, titled “Peer Review”, was at last released. I’m still working on my review of it, but as with the Portal 2 critique, it’s turning out to be a bit bigger than expected. However, in an interesting turn of events, it turns out that post-release support for Portal 2 is not limited to the game itself, as Geoff Keighley’s digital story “The Final Hours of Portal 2” has also received a fairly substantial piece of “downloadable content”, in the form of a large new chapter dedicated to the development of Peer Review, titled “Unlikely Architects”.