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Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Articles posted during Friday September 23rd 2011

Stock Up On These Portal 2 Long Fall Socks


Been considering… stocking… up on your geek apparel? Looking to attract a male or female… candidate… for your life? Wanting to… test… the geek prowess of your significant other?

Look no further for J!NX, renowned for its gaming and geek clothing products, have recently been selling pairs of Portal 2 Long Fall Socks, and while currently out of stock, are expected to be back in stock soon. Additionally, they have also been selling some Portal 2 Inter-Spatial Portal Earrings, two earrings depicting the entry and exit points of a portal, and a Portal 2 Stalemate Pendant Necklace, shaped after a personality core.

Valve To Participate In White House’s Digital Learning Project


The White House is set to unveil plans this Friday for a new research center that aims to introduce more digital learning to America’s education system. The research center, dubbed “Digital Promise” (Don’t be confused by the name, it’s not actually the name of an alternative rock band) will aid the development of learning software and games, as well as helping educators decide what to use. And the White House is smart enough to have chosen Valve to participate in this project. Read on!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive To Feature Gun Game As Official Game Mode Titled “Arsenal Mode”, With 8 Official New Maps


Gun Game! Despite the rather uninspired name, it’s a lot of fun, isn’t it? It came about in Counter-Strike, but has spread to other games – Day of Defeat, in particular. And, believe it or not, Call of Duty – which is why Black Ops featured it as an official game mode. But it’s still firmly rooted in the Counter-Strike community, and so, it should come as no surprise that Valve is taking advantage of that!

News Roundup #59


Another interesting news week – Dota 2 gets leaked, with some interesting references to Episode Three. On top of that, there was my gigantic Portal 2 critique, a colossal CSS update, and the release of the Death Toll beta for L4D2. And people say nothing ever happens in this community!